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Don't Succumb to the Most Common SEO Mistakes



Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from search engine results. This traffic is not paid for. Who wouldn't want that? You need to optimize your website but don't succumb to these most common SEO mistakes.


Not using analytics

Keywords aren't just about attracting traffic. You may have a high amount of traffic, but that doesn't mean you are ranking for those keywords. Lower traffic actually converts better because the keywords are more specific. To really know which keywords are working for you, you need to track and compare them against each other.

Not having unique title tags

Titles tags are the most important on-page SEO factor. They need to reflect the content of the page and make sense. Search engines will be crawling the pages so the title needs to be relevant and click-worthy. This also applies to meta descriptions; 

Focusing on link quantity and not quality

One good link can do better than hundreds of bad links. Good links are harder to get, but they are a more reliable measure of website quality. Of course, the links need to be relevant to the content of the page. You also don't need to have too many outgoing links.

Using poorly written content

Visitors can tell if the content is unique and valuable. If it isn't, it will be harder to get people to take the action you are wanting them to take. If you struggle with writing content you can always outsource the work. It will cost some extra money, but it will be worth it because your conversions will increase.

Keyword Stuffing

This is an attempt to manipulate rankings, but just the opposite happens. There is no need to include the same keyword 30 times on one page. This actually causes your site to move further down in search engine rankings.

Not optimized with the right keywords

The keywords you use need to match the purpose of your site and the products you sell. Use customers vocabulary so the content is easier for them to read and understand. Your keywords need to be as specific as possible. Instead of using cafe, try southern food cafe in central Mississippi. 


Happy Optimizing!

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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