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Facebook Instant Experience Ads: A Handful Guide to Increase Engagement

If you’re looking to rapidly increase your Facebook ad engagement, it might be time to start looking into Facebook Instant Experience Ads for your brand.




With recent research showing users spending an average of 5 hours on social media daily, your company or personal brand has a unique opportunity to grow your following, get more impressions and get more website visitors- all by utilizing Facebook Instant Experience Ads.

But what ARE Facebook Instant Experience Ads? And how do you even begin to unravel and take advantage of this opportunity in a way that unlocks its full potential?

Let’s get started.


logo-2 What are Facebook Instant Experience Ads?

Facebook Instant Experience Ads, (formerly known as Facebook Canvas Ads) are the ultimate ad type when it comes to advertising strategies that will completely enthrall your audience immediately.


With instantaneous loading times, Instant experience ads provide a mobile-optimized and hard to miss, screen-size call-to-action that are as random as the companies and agencies who create them.

Facebook instant experience ads provide an opportunity for you to include a good mix of audio, video, text, still images and call-to-action graphics in a fully captivating and engaging ad.

Before it was Facebook Instant Experience, it was Canvas Ads

But it wasn’t just a quick “hey, let’s rename this!”

Nope. In fact, when Facebook renamed Canvas ads to Instant Experience ads, they added several new features, including:

  • Analytics functions
  • Ability to embed Facebook pixels
  • Ability to add third-party pixels for A/B testing
  • More design template options
  • Re-engagement capabilities

All of these elements work together to create the ideal mobile ad experience. One that will not easily be forgotten by your target audience. See below for an example of a Facebook Instant Experience ad:

New call-to-action

Are Facebook Instant Experience Ads Preferable to Other Ad Types?

Now that we have a good understanding of WHAT a Facebook Instant Experience ad is, it’s time to compare it to the other available ad types.

One of the perks to Facebook Instant Experience ads is that it doesn’t limit you the way some of the others do. This includes an ability to advertise where and whatever you want.

In addition to this, you can:

  1. You can deliver and tell your story effectively on the spot, with a very short loading time and a full immersion in the ad experience.
  2. Your stories will be better thanks to the ability that a Facebook Instant Experience ad will give you through a variety of videos, text, images and more.
  3. It loads up to 15 times faster than the other ad types and has you fully immersed in the experience before you can even think twice.
  4. Above all, Facebook Instant Experience ads are wicked easy to create and manage thanks to templates provided by Facebook for businesses that aren’t ready to hire an agency or freelancer to manage and create their paid ads.
  5. Users prefer Facebook Instant Experience Ads to almost any other ad type, with around 53% of users opening it watching at least half of it, with the average time being about 31 seconds. This poses a unique opportunity for businesses to promote products that might be difficult to explain in a text ad, with the added addition of drawing users in via colorful, exciting images or videos.
  6. You can reach your advertising goals faster using Facebook Instant Experience ads. Thanks to the way the algorithm works, you’ll be able to get more conversions, more engagement and more feedback, all while easily analyzing the results.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads: Banner Blindness

Banner blindness. Believe it or not, it’s a thing and it basically translates to consumers seeing too many ads, (an average consumer sees more than 5,000 ads a day!) and not tuning into them.

Facebook Instant Experience ads combat this issue by putting your product front and center of your audience. It helps to shut out the noise and isolate your products and services to increase brand-building and sales opportunities.

Facebook Instant Experience Ad Types

Obviously, your paid ad goals are going to require different things from your Facebook Instant Experience Ads. For instance, your product advertising and subscription advertising campaigns will look entirely different and will perform entirely different than, say, a lead generation campaign or a branding campaign.

Facebook allows you to create different types of Facebook ads for different types of goals, which is awesome because tailored ads make for faster, better results and a higher ROi.

However, different ad types means getting familiar with the different Facebook Instant Experience ad types, which means you need some paid ad education. All good. We’re here to cover all of them.

Ad Type #1: Instant Storefront 

This ad type allows you to showcase your products in a grid layout, which allows you to showcase your products more effectively and in one place.

Ad Type #2: Instant Form 

Just like the name, this Instant Experience ad type is great for selling expensive equipment or machinery that you know a potential customer won’t purchase immediately, but would like more information on.

Ad Type #3: Instant Customer Acquisition

You’ll be able to create a mobile landing page that encourages conversions thanks to Facebook Instant Experience which will allow you to easily and quickly bring customers on board.

Ad Type #4: Instant Lookbook

Say goodbye to product catalogues and hello to Instant Experience Instant Lookbook. An effective and easy way to showcase multiple products at once in an engaging and creative way.

Ad Type #5: Instant Storytelling

An exciting, engaging and creative way for customers to learn more about products and services.

With a variety of ad types available, it doesn’t matter what types of products, services or subscriptions you might be working to advertise because there’s something for everyone.

(Although, we love this ad type specifically for subscription marketing.)

How to Create Your First Custom Facebook Instant Experience Ad

If you’re new to social paid advertising, or even just getting familiar with Facebook Instant Experience, don’t sweat. Facebook Instant Experience ad creation is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

But, to make things even easier, we’ve created a quick and easy-to-use guide to Facebook Instant Experience ad creation.

#1 Click on the Ads Manager and then “ads” within the manager, then “create”.

#2 Pick one of the ad objectives. Your choices will range from brand awareness to conversions.

#3 Name the campaign.

#4 Fill out the details! This includes details, audience, budget, schedule, copy, etc.

#5 Click “continue”

#6 Consider the ad goals and select your ad format.

#7 Name the ads.

#8 Add, arrange, name each component and smash that save button.

#9 Preview your Instant Experience ad to make sure everything checks out.

#10 Click FINISH.

It’ll probably take a run or two to get the hang of it, but once you do, you’ll be set and ready to go.

Things you will want to keep in mind: Facebook does NOT automatically crop your images/video. You’ll need to set your own specs if you want your Facebook Instant Experiences to be all that they can be.

Facebook Instant Experience Ad Specs Cheat Sheet

#1 Image size:

Full width is 1,080 pixels, and a full-height image is 1,920 pixels.

Tilt-to-pan and tap-to-expand options will allow you to use wider and taller images.

.png or .jpg or video files.

Up to 20 photos.

Adding two or more images allows you to include a carousel in your Facebook Instant Experience ad. HOWEVER: these are just images to be linked, not to be confused with a carousel ad.

#2 Video:

Minimum resolution of 720p.

Portrait orientation and not making videos full screen are the recommendations.

Recommendation is that collective run time of your videos not exceed 2 minutes, but

Facebook will allow you to run longer videos.

Videos should be used to emulate animated GIFs.

.mp4 or .mov file types only.

#3 Text Blocks:

Keep in mind that you can add multiple text blocks, but not more than 500 characters per block.

Call-to-Action on a Facebook Instant Experiences Ad: Specs

Every Facebook Instant Experience ad has a spot for one CTA, (this is a necessity) and every CTA button can appear either filled with color, or simply outlined and opaque.

If you want your CTA to stand out, (you do) we would recommend you use the button option that fills it with a different color.

Specs: Button Height: 48px

  • Button Text: 30 characters max. Text must fit on a single line.

Also, it might be cut off on low-resolution screens, but this isn’t always the case.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads: Best Practices

The point of this section? We don’t want you throwing valuable time down the drain trying to create an Instant Experience ad and then not getting the maximum results possible.

So it’s time to dig into the Facebook Instant Experiences best practices!

#1 It’s Vital to Be Clear About Your Goals

When it comes to any and all ad creation, it’s beyond vital to be clear about your goals and design according to each one.

An ad optimized for conversions won’t get the same results if the goal is website visits or engagement. And this rings true for any combination of goals VS optimization, So be clear from the beginning and design accordingly.

#2 Give the Highest Performing Instant Experience Ad a Try (You Know, For Science!)

Collection ads consist of a large header with four smaller images underneath. Executed properly, a collection ad can do an excellent job of showcasing your products and telling a unique and creative story.

With collection ads often resulting in higher click-through rates and better overall performance for your campaigns, collection ads can be a great addition to your Facebook advertising game, even in the beginning.

(Not to be confused with Facebook retargeting ads.)

#3 Be Design and Copy Minded

The more customization that Facebook, (or anything, really) allows you to do the more chances you have of making critical design errors.

Whether you add a little too much copy, too little social advertising copy or add low resolution images, the threshold for error isn’t particularly high, which means you’ll need to be especially mindful of your design and the ways your design ideas could potentially damage your ROi.


Hopefully we’ve covered all of your questions, but just in case, here’s some of the most frequently asked questions around Facebook Instant Experience.

What are Facebook Instant Experience Ads Good for?

Facebook Instant Experiences are best for:

  • Grabbing the attention of your target audience in a full screen experience full of high-quality content like video, text or images.
  • Helps tell a compelling story about your brand.
  • Allows you to embed a Facebook pixel.
  • Allows your to visually highlight specific products or services.

What Kind of Elements Can I Add to a Facebook Instant Experience Ad?

There are a variety of ways you can customize your Facebook Instant Experience with particular Elements. Among these elements are:

  • Headers
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Buttons
  • Carousels
  • Text Blocks
  • Product Sets
  • Store Locators

Get specific instructions for how to add these elements HERE.

How Do I Arrange Elements on my Facebook Instant Experience Ads?

Facebook Instant Experience elements can be moved in any order and in any design. The two exceptions are the store locator and the header. The header must stay at the top of your Facebook Instant Experience and the store locator must stay at the bottom.

You can change the order of your elements by clicking the left side of the element title and then dragging it with your mouse to your preferred location.

You can also make them easier to see by condensing the information on the tiles. You can do this by clicking on the right side of each tile.

Are All Facebook Instant Experiences Video Ads?

The short answer? No. While you have the option to make your Facebook Instant Experience a video, not all Instant Experience ads are videos. The only limit is your imagination, ad spend, the specific goals for your ad campaign and the elements provided.

Take Control of Your Facebook Instant Experience Results NOW

If your business is ready to grow online, it’s time to take control of your paid advertising and start reaching your social media goals.

The team at Sociallyin is equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you reach your social paid advertising goals, restructure your campaigns to align with your company objectives and most importantly, increase your revenue through a variety of different avenues.

In 2019 alone, we handled a nearly 6,000,000 ad budget for our clients. We can help you increase your revenue, engagement and website clicks in a matter of months.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us TODAY and let’s get social!

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