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Facebook Sponsored Posts: The #1 Exhaustive Guide to Heroic Success

With our daily activities shifting to a digital format, being a stickler for traditional marketing can be a disadvantage. Are you looking for a solution? The answer includes the three magic words: Facebook sponsored posts!

Continue reading to find out how you can yield this magic in your favor:

Facebook Sponsored Posts: The #1 Exhaustive Guide to Heroic Success



The Best Way to Use Facebook Sponsored Posts

Facebook sponsored posts are epic  That is the reason entrepreneurs rely on sponsored posts to get their word across. But if you are new to this field, you may have a lot of questions like:

  • Should I have a strategy for sponsored posts?
  • Are sponsored posts even worth it?
  • How can they boost a business in the long run?

Read on to find out the answers to all of these questions and more!


logo-2What are Facebook Sponsored Posts?

In recent years, have you noticed that your organic posts on Facebook business pages don’t seem to have the same reach as they once had?

Consequently, only a small percentage of your following sees your page posts. That is due to Facebook's constantly evolving algorithm.

Brands now have to compete for feed visibility while friends, family, coworkers, and others take the top spot in the feed over businesses.

Hence, we have to pay up to play the game. However, if we play smart, we don't have to spend a lot to boost our reach; an easy and affordable method is to use Facebook sponsored posts. 

Here's what we mean by Facebook advertising and sponsored posts:

These are promoted posts that increase the engagement rate.

They act like explicit online advertisements.

Sponsored blog posts increase user engagement and page view.


In today's digital age, can you imagine a better way to gain popularity than through social media? Facebook is one such site that offers sponsored posts through text and rich media. A user can easily spot a Facebook ad as "sponsored" that shows up under your company's name. 

How to Create Facebook Sponsored Posts: A Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide 

Now that you have decided that Facebook sponsored posts will get you the traffic you desire, it's time to create them. 

By following the step-by-step guide below, you are well on your way to creating one within mere minutes:

#1 Go to Facebook's "Ad Manager" and select your objective. You will come across three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Choose "awareness" if you want to increase your audience through brand awareness.

#2 Select the "Ad Set" audience that aligns with your business based on their job titles, education, interests, etc. To reach a specific audience, check out the "Narrow Further" feature.

#3 Set your budget, schedule, bidding, and ad placement. The more audiences you pick out, the more ad sets you have to worry about fixing.

#4 Develop the ad. Once you finalize the ad sets, it is time to work on the ad itself; pick out catchy titles and bright-colored images. 

#5 Publish and track performance!

By tracking performance, you can easily see which ad is doing better and lagging (if you post more than one). If you see one that is not doing too well, you can delete it and allocate its budget to the better-performing ones. 

Creating Facebook Sponsored Posts Messages

Here's how you can create a Facebook sponsored posts message:

  1. Open the "Ads Manager" and go to "Ad Creation"
  2. Find the "Choose a Campaign Objective" option and click it; select the "Messages" object under this.
  3. Choose a unique campaign name and create a budget; click next.
  4. You will find the "Ad Type" option, click it and select "Sponsored Messages" from the dropdown menu.
  5. Choose a budget wisely, and subsequently, your schedule.
  6. Now open "Message Template" and choose whichever option suits you best: Text Only or Text and Image 
  7. Type out the message (and add an image if you pick the Text and Image option)
  8. Additionally, you can add quick replies under "Customer Action".
  9. Click on "Publish", and your ad is up just like that.

So, with this easy step-by-step guide in front of you, you are all set to create your very own sponsored messages. 

How to Boost Facebook Sponsored Posts

Boosted posts are a simpler alternative to Facebook ads. Have you ever seen the "Boost Post" option in front of your existing Facebook posts? Well, that is where the journey begins!

Boosting makes use of Facebook's pay-to-play mechanism. They are not paid partnerships with brands.

As a result, your ad will show up higher in people's newsfeeds. (Or just show up period.) Here's how you can boost an organic business post on Facebook:

  • Click the boost option on the post you want to target people with and engage with on Facebook.
  • A boost creation menu will show up. Select the audience and targeting criteria.
  • Set up a budget and duration of the run. Time frame means the amount of time you want the post to play on someone's feed; the longer you choose, the more you will have to pay.
  • Publish!

And with that, you have successfully created and published a boosted post for the first time! All you have to do now is wait and watch larger audiences reach your business profile. (The hardest part if we're honest.)

The Benefits of Facebook Sponsored Posts

A survey showed that almost one-third of the millennial population chooses to buy products or services after seeing sponsored content.

The fact is that the typical Facebook ad can be a bit of a turn-off.

And this is because ads can be insincere and geared only towards selling for the benefit of the company.

So how then is it possible for such a large chunk of the population to buy the product or avail themselves of the service after seeing Facebook ads? The answer is as follows:

  • This strategy subtly asks you to buy a product instead of an in-your-face ad that openly urges you to make a purchase.
  • A creative ad can spark joy; joy is a significant motivator that drives consumerism. Hence, people want to buy your product immediately.
  • Facebook's links are easy to use; so, people can quickly follow the "buy now" links. Thus, increasing your product sales app installs.

Facebook Sponsored Posts vs Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and Facebook sponsored posts are essentially one and the same in that they both are advertising methods. Both give brands a high return on investment - if the brands use them well.

But with that said, they do have differences in the way they operate. Some key differences are as follows:

  • Facebook sponsored posts are more useful as they have a specific focus on return on investments
  • Boosted posts take less time in comparison to Facebook Ads (a total of five minutes compared to an hour or two)
  • Boosted posts are somewhat cheaper 
  • Facebook Ads reel in a newer target audience while boosted ads are limited to the existing fan base.
  • Facebook Ads drive revenue and capture leads.

Hence this comparison must have got you thinking that Facebook Ads is the undisputed winner, yea? While Facebook Ads are better for the market and business growth, boosted posts are still a fundamental marketing strategy.

Why is that the case? Because an existing audience can stop seeing your posts in their feeds due to the above mentioned notorious algorithm. Hence, you need to boost a post once in a while at least. 

Elements of Attention-Grabbing Facebook Sponsored Posts

Imagine creating a post and then watching it perform poorly. What then? Well, for starters, you need to understand that creating successful Facebook sponsored posts requires five things:

  • Adequate marketing knowledge
  • Practice
  • Incredible copy
  • Eye-catching content
  • Testing, testing, testing!

Just like you can't expect to take home an Olympic medal the first time you run a track or take a ski jump, it's imperative that you take the time to practice, test, and adjust to get the best results.

And we're going to give you a head start.

So, without further comment, here's what you need to do to create a post that contains that jaw-dropping "wow" factor:

  • Showcase only the most vital aspect of your business in the post. Why? Because overfilling the ad with an abundance of content will cause the audience to lose interest; no one wants to do homework on a social site!
  • Use large, clear fonts.
    After all, you want people to be able to quickly read and discern what your sponsored posts are about!
  • Use new and creative ideas.
  • In a "text-only" ad, use bullet points and short sentences.
  • Make use of the color theory.
    Convey a message to people's psyche through colors!

There are many other tips to make a killer ad on social media accounts. But using the color theory is by far the most significant step in today's marketing world. In using this theory, digital designers use their extensive knowledge of:

  • Human optical ability,
  • Culture,
  • Social norms,
  • Psychology,
  • Sociology

Instead of spending your time researching the color theory, you can hire a marketing expert to do that for you. Check out SociallyIn--the world's best social media marketing agency--for more information on expert help.

Eye-Catching Facebook Sponsored Posts Examples

As of 2021, about a whopping ninety-three percent of brands had found Facebook sponsored posts to be a mainstream method of engagement.

The good news is that Facebook's ad platform is the easiest to use; even people with very little business knowledge can create and run ads on the site.

Need a little inspiration? We can help!

#1 Google's Facebook Ad Campaign: "Build What's Next"

In an ad for its cloud computing product, Google created one of the most successful ads on Facebook. The color scheme of this ad was consistent with Google's overall theme (same font, blue and white color scheme, etc.), which tells the audience about the brand without even looking at the name.

It uses active verbs that enable the users to visualize a future. It teaches us that consistency and language are key!

#2 Shopify's Facebook Ad Campaign: "Sell You Crafts"

As you may know, Shopify is one of today's largest and most successful e-commerce platforms for online retail stores. What the "Sell Your Crafts" ad gets right is the insight into the fact that not everyone knows how to monetize their talents.

So when people see the ad, it gets them thinking about how they can do that. And once you get them curious, it is only a matter of minutes before they click to find out more! 

#3 Slack's Facebook Ad Campaign: "Make Work Better"

Slack is a messaging platform that created a relatable meme-style ad that appealed to even the non-business personals. The ad features a lady sitting on a unicorn with a catchy title stating that this is how it feels to sit through twenty-five percent fewer meetings.

What makes this ad great is not only its excellent visuals but also the caption. The tagline considers that most people despise sitting through pointless meetings that could have been an email. 

What Can We Learn From Facebook Sponsored Post Examples?

As a Facebook user, you will come across many such Facebook sponsored posts. Your best chance at success is to study those ads; see how people are engaging with them in the comments. And then go from there; start working on your ad!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be sponsored?

As a start-up or a small to medium business, Facebook Ads won't be as beneficial for you as getting sponsored by successful corporations initially.

These corporations reach out to brands for sponsorships if these brands have:

  • A good amount of followers
  • An excellent work ethic
  • Good reputation
  • Engaging audience
  • Creative content

Do you have all of the above? Well, make sure you do to grab the attention of corporations.  

What does it mean to be sponsored?

Ans: On social media, to be sponsored means to have the financial backing or a product from a sponsor. The sponsor is:

  • Much like a benefactor
  • They will provide you with a set amount of money to promote their product to your audience in an organic way.
  • As a result, the product gains awareness and exposure. 

How to get brands to sponsor you?

Ans: Here's what you need to do to get a partnership with brands:

  • Pick a niche and stick to it -- this defines your brand in a neat manner.
  • Get to know your audience, wants, and desires -- this way, you will know which product will sell if you promote it.
  • Be a consistent poster -- this step helps in beating the algorithm, and as a result, you gather more followers; the more followers, the more brands will want to sponsor you!
  • Use geotags and hashtags -- this enables your posts to show up on brands' feeds.
  • Be the first to reach out -- if all else fails, you can reach out to brands yourself! Make sure you have an outstanding pitch. 

How to do a sponsored ad on Facebook?

Ans: To do a sponsored post on Facebook, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • You can not say negative things about the product or brand that sponsors you.
  • Be explicit with your audience about the sponsorship; do not hide that you will get paid for the sponsored post.
  • Do not promote harmful products like diet pills.

Diving Deeper: FAQ around Facebook Sponsored Posts - for beginners!

What does "sponsored" mean on Facebook?

Ans: Have you ever seen a Facebook sponsored post? Chances are, you will have since Facebook labels the post as such for clarity. Sponsored posts mean that the company has paid some cash to boost this post. Due to the paid promotion, users who would not have come across the brand's content also see these posts.

How do Facebook sponsored posts work?

Ans: These paid posts work by beating the social media algorithm and prioritizing your posts over non-promoted content. They show up on feeds for a set duration of time (the amount of time you choose while creating the ad) until expiring.

You can reuse these posts or create new ones after the expiration of the first ad campaign.

How do I delete Facebook sponsored posts?

Ans: A user may want "un-sponsorships" for an array of reasons:

  • There was a typing error in the post
  • The post is not performing too well.
  • The Facebook ad has served its purpose
  • You want to reallocate the budget into a different strategy.

Un-sponsor a post in three easy steps as outlined below:

  • Go to the " Facebook Ads Manager" on Facebook.
  • Click on the option you are looking for (Ad Set, Campaign, or Ad you want to delete)
  • Select the trashcan option, and you will delete your ad or ad set immediately.

However, if the trash can does not appear, click on "More" and select the "Delete" option from the dropdown menu. In this way, you can successfully delete Facebook sponsored posts.

How much do Facebook sponsored posts cost?

Ans: The cost of an average sponsored post on Facebook varies; it depends on several factors. Nonetheless, Facebook sponsorships are still one of the most affordable marketing options.

A single post can cost a minimum of one dollar per day. But the more you invest in an ad, the larger the size of the audience that sees your ad. Your reach depends on your budget. So be sure to spend wisely!

Looking for Help Getting Started with Facebook Sponsored Posts?

Look no further than our own expert Facebook advertising team at THE social media marketing agency: SociallyIn!

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I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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