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Facebooks "Collections," the next big thing


Facebook's latest venture, "Collections," is just another example of the social giant's ability to push the boundaries of social platforms and their capabilities. The new ad format, expected to allow retailers the opportunity to highlight products specific to their consumers needs—is just another example of the company’s ability to push current trends and expectations to meet the demands of its audiences; while trying to maintain an edge with its competitor Snapchat. 

Designed especially for the mobile user, this new media rich ad format will attract users with its sleek multi-image capabilities which will, in turn, encourage the viewer to complete the purchasing process on through to the company’s website and finally, the actual purchase of the intended item.

With easy set up, Collections promises to be the next best thing. Its easy-to-use platform structure provides the perfect opportunity for companies to advertise the latest trends, and, provides the ideal place for shoppers to experience exactly what the advertiser intended.

Facebook collections.png

By taking advantage of current trends, including the impact and growth of video and mobile capabilities, it’s sure to be a hassle free shopping experience.  



How it works


As users are flipping through their feed, the ad will appear, its contemporary layout, designed specifically to catch the attention of the user through the use of vivid images or videography encourages a non-explicit call-to-action. Attached below will be four images that can then be viewed or if clicked on, after which the consumer will then be taken to the company’s website or catalog in hopes of completing the purchase action.


Initially Facebook allows the advertiser to pick the images the viewer see’s, after that they choose—through retargeting—what the consumer will see based on their clicks, likes, and preferences. This will allow the platform to zoom in and target the consumer in a very personal way; and really, ads incentive for the consumer to complete the purchase process.


For advertisers, the program promises to provide greater ability to monitor analytics and results by measuring—not just clicks—but the follow through. Where does the customer go after viewing the item? For instance, if they click on the image and go to the advertiser’s website, the advertiser will be able to see. This program will also be available to on Instagram.  


Audra Gines

Audra loves reading, writing, and arithmetic - all true except the last part - hails from the great state of Utah; known as a super cool mom (don't listen to her kids), avid runner, and creative genius. On the weekends you'll find her trying to catch up on sleep, running from game to game, and enjoying time with her husband and crazy kids!

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