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From Prospects 2 Customers: Utilizing Short-Form Video for Conversions

If you're looking at that title and clicking on it because you want to know how to make your prospects convert using short-form video, you're in the right place.

Short, cost-effective and engaging videos is the key here. So today, we're going to show you how to achieve that in a way that's affordable, easily executed and successful.

Ready to dive in? Let's go.

Why Short-Form Video?

Maybe you're asking yourself why. After all, short-form video won't have as much potential if you don't have time to pack everything someone needs to know in one video.

However, information in smaller doses means more conversions. Let me explain:

Turns out, 72% of people prefer video over any other medium when it comes to learning about new products, services, brands and more.

In fact, at particular stages in the buyers journey, short-form video can be the exact thing that you need to bring a customer from the prospecting stage to life as a customer thanks to videos full of facts, information and more.

A good short-form video needs to be packed full of relevant, helpful and easily-digestible content that is displayed in a visually compelling way.

This provides the prospect with information about what YOU can do for THEM and helps them make an informed decision right then and there.

If you can provide stats and other relevant industry information, this can be even more helpful because your customers value information and being well-informed about the industry before they make a purchase can mean the difference between a sale and just a click.

What Makes Short-Form Video So Successful?

In short? (HA) Attention spans are growing every shorter and with them, the success of long-form video is also going out the window. 

And hey, yes, long-form video has it's place, but short-form is, generally, more successful. And perhaps the biggest reason is just that it's easily digestible, (so long as its put together well) and can include a powerful Call to Action that leaves prospects ready to click right then and there.

So what are the elements that make these videos so successful?

Let's check it out.

Stick to Videos 60 Seconds or Less

Think of it like this: before you write a blog, you outline it. Well, this has to be done for short-form videos too. This is called a storyboard. Creating a storyboard BEFORE you jump right in and start making a video is beneficial because it allows you to make sure you're including everything you need to, want to, have to and then beautifully tie up the details with a glorious CTA- and all of it still make sense.

Storyboards also give you the power to move things around before you've spent any time designing or editing your short form video, which can save you lots of money, time and overall investment.

Tip? Stick to 6o seconds or less and storyboard the video that way.

The Script, The Media, The Text

Having all of this read BEFORE you start spending any time filming is vitally important, (hello, storyboard) so this is where you need to begin.

Script, media and text are the three elements that are going to make up your storyboard.

Start with the script and text: If you're pulling from a blog post, take out what you need, line it up in a text document. The important part is to leave your video as uncluttered as possible, so stick to one concept and at maximum, 150 characters per slide and/or frame.

Plan every scene out in your head to get a good idea of what you want and need visually. The media side of your video is one of the most important aspects of the process because if your video isn't visually appealing and also visually relevant, you're going to kill the opportunity for optimal results.

Don't Forget Some Peppy Background Music!

Yes, most people might watch a video with the sound off, but not adding a little background music could be the difference between life and death for your short-form video.

How You Can Turn Your Video Efforts into Conversions

Keeping in mind that 52% of people browse their social media and watch videos like what you want to create on their phone paints a clear picture for us: MAKE ALL YOUR SHORT FORM VIDEOS MOBILE FRIENDLY!

In addition, there are several things you’ll absolutely have to include if you want your video to be successful.

1) Open with a Hook

Those first few seconds of your short form video are everything.

2) Be Educational in Your Approach

Or otherwise add value to both your prospects AND your current customers. Doing this is of vital importance to the success of your video.

3) Always Wrap Up With a Compelling CTA

Telling your customers what to do at the end of the video gives them a next step. The CTA is just as important as the first few seconds of the video: invaluable.

Great Video Production is Only Half the Battle

Distributing your content across platforms is vitally important when it comes to the success of your brand. So what are some distribution tricks that can create better results over all?

1) Upload all media content natively to each social media platform.

This means no more YouTube links.

2) Use Custom Video Thumbnails.

Your thumbnails should tell people what your video is about, as well as how it might be able to help them in a nutshell. For instance: “10 creative ways to spice up your backyard party” tells people what to expect and how the video can benefit them.

3) Tailor Your Captions by Platform

Make sure you’re using relevant keywords, both in the title and in your caption. Long form works better on Facebook, hashtags work better on Twitter and Instagram. The goal is to make sure your video is optimized for search so that it’s easier for your prospects to find it AND your brand.

Consider Creating a Retargeting Ad Campaign

Where are your customers most likely to be? Start by answering this question and wrap it up by running retargeting ad campaigns to boost views and conversions by engaging with warm audiences.

The Wrap


Just kidding. 😉

If you want to add short-form video to your social media marketing campaigns, we’re so excited to be included in your journey. Getting into the video end of things can be intimidating, but also incredibly rewarding.

Do you have any interest and information that digs into the art of short-form video marketing? We want to hear your incredible insight!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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