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Mastering content marketing on a budget can be tricky

As a social media manager of a start up, mastering content marketing on a budget can be tricky. They key to great content is critical, it takes either a super-savvy writer from the internal team, or hiring a small agency to manage the content execution for you. If the decision is made to remain internal, here are a few suggestions to help you hit-the-ground running.
Things to consider when putting out content: 
  1. Make sure the content is relevant to the industry.
  2. Understand how to capitalize on all the ins-and-outs of each platforms backside and analytics. 
  3. Research and get to know other websites and email finders that can help you ease the pains of content placement, such as, HeyOrca, Hootesuite, AdRoll, and HubSpot.
  4. Know when to sell and when not-to-sell. Part of the secret to content marketing is less about the sell and more about building rapport with your audience. Knowing who your audience is and knowing how to market to them through relationship building is ultimately the goal to figuring out your secret sauce. 
HubSpots is a fabulous tool and can help ease the burden of scheduling out content, specifically when posting content like blogs, landing pages, emails, or a call-to-action, etc. 
Blogging and creating legitimate calls-to-action are perhaps two of the most important things a small or young business can do to further its reach and become a relevant thought leader in their industry.
It used to be that likes or follows was all a business needed to create a valuable reach or following on Facebook. Now, because of Facebook's new algorithms, businesses can no longer count on organic content to attract enough views, likes, and follows to make a substantial difference. Unless it's great content. 
As a result, creating exciting "thumb stopping" content is critical. Images have to pop, video's have to lure, and Boomerang's have to encourage. 
The magic comes when you begin putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. You create eye-stopping, catchy content; publish it on a blog, re-target content accordingly; create intriguing calls-to-action through e-books or other relevant content; post creative content consistently and regularly to your preferred platforms; and, step-by-step you'll begin creating the kind of following you've always dreamed of. 

Audra Gines

Audra loves reading, writing, and arithmetic - all true except the last part - hails from the great state of Utah; known as a super cool mom (don't listen to her kids), avid runner, and creative genius. On the weekends you'll find her trying to catch up on sleep, running from game to game, and enjoying time with her husband and crazy kids!

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