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Give Them What They Want: Inbound Marketing


A guest blog from McCabe Reynolds from Agency 501


Nearly every successful entrepreneur will tell you that good marketing is essential to their success. And if you ask said entrepreneurs their definition of marketing, you are likely to get a different answer from each of them. We all know that the way we communicate is different these days. So is the way we find, access and utilize information. For us idiotic enough to be in the marketing and advertising industry, we see this changing landscape every day.


So, what changed? Consumers do not want to be tricked into buying things they do not need. Most of us pride ourselves on being about to sift through the B.S. of old-school marketing techniques. We have unlimited access to information. Information we use to uncover what we believe is the best, or the true value of a product or service.


Wise companies arm their customers and potential customers with information. They do this by setting up an online ecosystem of knowledgeable articles (blogs), online brochures (whitepapers) and email newsletters. They inform their customers and invite them, via social media, to peek inside the day-to-day operations of the businesses. There is no hard selling and the focus is on providing instant access to information; allowing the customers to choose for themselves whether your service or product is worthy of their dollar.  This process is called inbound marketing, and it works.


Inbound marketing is the future of marketing. It creates trust and loyalty from customers in a way that we in the marketing industry have never seen before. Smart businesses have, and will continue to, invest their resources into inbound marketing services.


The customer has spoken. Don’t tell them what they need, give them what they want. That’s inbound marketing.




McCabe Reynolds is a guest blogger from Agency501, a digital marketing firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is passionate about educating his state (currently 50th in education...right behind Mississippi), about the benefits of inbound marketing. When McCabe is out of the “shop” he is cheering on his Hogs. Woo. Pig. Sooie. #NeverYield #WPS



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