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Add #Hashtags to Your Insta Bio!

It looks like every platform had a little change for us this week!

Let's get this party started!  



Go ahead. Put that #hashtag in your bio because you finally can! Now when you use the @ or # in your Insta bio, it will appear as a live link. Shoutout your friends. Add the latest creative hashtag you been using... Whatever you want! 

instagram bio

Last year Instagram launched a shopping experience that let businesses tag their products in their posts. NOW that is also available to more countries such as Australia and Canada! The online shopping addiction has officially spread. Take my money. 



We all know Instagram isn't going back to chronological order. Rumor has it though, the 'New Posts' button will bring a user to the top of their Instagram feed with newer posts. It will be interesting to see if this makes users happy. 


More ways to shop til you drop! Pinterest said it best, 

“Today we’re announcing our next shopping milestone. We’re expanding Shopping Ads from a couple dozen retailers, to hundreds of businesses. With Shopping Ads, businesses can seamlessly turn their product catalog into visual, actionable ads – and since Shopping Ads pull automatically from an existing product feed, they’re especially useful for brands that want to scale their Pinterest advertising.”

This is similar to Instagram's Shopping Tags, making it easier to shop the look  or product in the pin you really like. Most people look to Pinterest for style inspiration, so this was a great move on Pinterest's part. 



This week, LinkedIn announced new video filters and text styles. LinkedIn has always been a very professional network, so the filters may have been a little much in my opinion. Are they trying to be too Instagram or Snapchat? Do you think brands and companies will use them? 


LinkedIn stayed a little more true to itself with the platform's new Ask for Referral option. When you find a job you're interested in, you can click on 'ask for a referral' to get in touch with people you know at the company. Pretty cool. 



Facebook has been pushing the use of groups. Facebook has added admin privileges to groups. This allows admins to approve new members before they can join a group or remove a member if needed. 


Facebook is also giving Express Wi-Fi a try. This "allows users in developing countries to buy data packs that can be used at hotspots." That's a pretty cool push into the developing world if you ask me. 


Map Explore. This update allows you to see exactly what your friends are doing. A button called 'New Updates' lets users easily swipe through friends statuses. AIM status in 2018.



I like both but still laughed. 



Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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