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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement

Are you discouraged by the low engagement you get from your LinkedIn efforts? Are you on the hunt for content your readers will be on the lookout for in their feed?

Today, we're going to go over some of the tricks you can use that will give your LinkedIn content the push it needs to start getting more or a reaction from your audience.

It's time to not feel so invisible. Ready to get started?

A Quick Preface

LinkedIn is the platform of business professionals. It's where people looking for work, projects, help and tools go when they're on the hunt. It's the place to make valuable connections and meet colleagues.

The thing is, the audience on LinkedIn wants to see authenticity. They want to know about your dreams, your goals, your knowledge. They want to see value in what you're sharing, so the secret isn't some incredible foreign formula. It's being you. The real you. And sharing the information people need and want to hear that can benefit them. Things YOU are fully capable of sharing.

So what are the type of things you can share to get this audiences attention that can be relevant to YOUR industry? Let's dig in a little deeper.

Offer Value Through the Form of PDFs

This is awesome because it allows your audience to download the PDF and read it on their own time at a later date, or use it in a meeting, or share it with their team.

You see, PDFs can generate more clicks than you thought was even possible in a single post because every page "flip" is another click that's telling LinkedIn your post has value.

HELPFUL HINT: Don't make your PDFs boring. Instead, shoot for something visually appealing that will make your audience want to jump in and start reading immediately, even if they're late to that business meeting..... 🤣

You want your PDFs to be easy to read, easy to understand and easy on the eyes. If you can wrap a lot of valuable content in there too, you've uncovered a goldmine.

Shoot For Longer LinkedIn Posts

The thing about this is that 1) you can provide more value this way and 2) with a long enough post, you toggle the "see more" feature, which, when clicked tells LinkedIn your post is valuable.

Make sure in using this method you don't include images and/0r links outside of the site. This is purely a "click more" gateway to information that your audience can take advantage of while also earning you some engagement points.

Try to Keep Your Audience ON the Platform

This means uploading videos shorter than ten minutes directly to the platform and minimal linking out to your website or any other online resource unless necessary.

If people have to take an additional step to read your content, they'll avoid it altogether in a lot of cases, so publishing content directly to LinkedIn rather than linking out is a far better plan.

Re-Engage With YOUR Engagement

If someone comments on your post or video, respond ASAP. And the same is true for any time your audience tags you, whether or not the post belongs to you or not. This will show your audience that you are present and engaged with them, and that their questions and thoughts are important to you. Remember, LinkedIn is all about building connections, so take advantage of the opportunity to grow your network!

Shoot for 5+ Photos In Your Updates

By sharing 5+, you'll get more clicks and in turn earn points with LinkedIn's algorithm. 😉

Some ideas for making the most of this trick: post culture shots from around your workplace or of a project in the works. You can also do shots from the latest networking party, tell a short story with your images and words, (can turn them into graphics!) or you can do a highlight of the year or industry influences.

Bonus Trick: Re-purpose Your Content!

By re-writing headlines, formatting, images and the bulk of the content, you can share the same point multiple times and get more engagement each time. This will save you immense amounts of time as well as allow your information to go further.

Using these three techniques, you can repurpose the same post 3 times!

1) Share a portion of a blog post with a link out

2) Share the post as a PDF with eye-catching graphics

3) Share a small portion of the blog post without a link

Keep in mind: LinkedIn will send your post to different crowds by posting the same content with different images, so don't be afraid to make a sequel. 💣

P.S It's Worth the Extra Effort

If you're worried about taking the time to get more engagement, just remember that its worth it! More engagements=more shares=more connections=more growth.

Have you tried any of these tricks or have any further insight into getting more engagement on LinkedIn? We want to hear from YOU!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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