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How to Develop Content for Inbound Marketing Blogs

With inbound, it can be exciting to create content that will keep your visitors attention.  You want to convert your visitors into leads, and help them solve their particular problems. By developing great content, you are not only attracting customers, you’re also establishing a relationship that will leave them wanting more.  The following are five content creation ideas for inbound marketing blogs. 

Intrigue your audience with inbound marketing.


Recycle Content 

By recycling content, you are re-entering a past successful conversation.  There are several methods to carry out this practice.  Such as: fishing through past popular post to re-share, establish a personal point of view on someone else's previous blog post (while supporting your argument) and also by finding tips in other articles (then referencing those articles).  

Recycling content can be done by anyone, you just need to have assurance that the topic at hand is useful and appropriate.  Also, if using outside content, be sure to reference where the content originated from.

Relate to current events or celebrity 

For many of your visitors, they will have (some) interest in pop culture. By attracting them to your site, with catchy titles such as "10 Ways The Kardashian's do Social Media Right", will spark an interest in your visitors.  Chances are, they are going to find humor in your title, and see the main point in your offer.  For instance, if you want to establish great ways to successfully run a campaign using various social media you could create a title such as "3 Ways Buzzfeed has Established Excellent Social Media Presence".  Then from that, establish an offer such as an ebook or infographic to teach them social media skills.  

Incorporate Visuals

Everyone loves visual aid; Slideshare (for example) is an excellent way to incorporate visuals into your blog post.  It gives your content a little something that your visitors can enjoy viewing. Also, be sure to include relevant keywords to influence your SEO. 

Research your topic

By following up research, and then stating your personal opinion, you are able to offer a fresh outlook to the conversation at hand. This is an excellent way to formulate content, and will help establish you as a thought leader.  Also, this will help create or continue a conversation throughout the subject at hand.

Interview an expert in the field

Interviews allow you to see topics from other perspectives.  They're also helpful when trying to establish yourself as a thought leader, primarily you can learn from the best in the field.  By conducting interviews, you are learning first hand, and reporting this information to your visitors.  It also allows them to see the particular field for what it is, or how the experts see it.  Also, you can gain many different tips and recommendations for future interviews and content. 


These practices will allow you to reach your visitors, and convert them into leads.  While trying to reach an audience with Inbound Marketing, you do not want to "sell" to your customers.  You want to intrigue their interest, and dive into a conversation with them. You want to spark their curiosity and have them come back for more.  You need to speak to their interests and not bombard them with unwanted ads or questions.  Click here for more information on what exactly Inbound Marketing is.Science of Success on Twitter

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