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How To Sell Inbound Internally: Higher Education Institutions

When starting on a new frontier, you may run into complications.  In the higher education world, everyone loves learning new ideas - however, the event of implementing them may be concerning. 


Therefore, it is important to understand how to sell inbound internally, not just externally.  The importance lies within not only successfully implementing inbound into your marketing plan, but also on selling your co-workers on inbound for your higher education institution.  

There are 3 main techniques to exposing your co-workers to inbound marketing, and how it can help raise your school’s enrollment.  

Educate Everyone

New words scare people.  New ideas scare people.  However, Inbound isn’t new, it just has a newer label.  That’s very important for your co-workers to understand.  It is important to stress how although inbound is a new idea, it’s not uncharted territory.  As a matter of fact, there are TONS of universities implementing inbound.  For example, Maryville College has very great inbound tactics running right now.  

Express to them how the institution can thrive with inbound! Give them stats on inbound, and help them understand the logistics of inbound.  


Don’t Allow The Focus To Be On Money

Inbound is a full-time job, but don’t let the stress of money get to you.  Although this may be a primary question of your colleagues, handle it with caution.  You want to implement small aspects of inbound in the beginning.  Not only for financial reasons, but for ROI reasons.  You want to be sure that inbound is right for your particular institution.  

However, financials are also very important.  When your campaign kicks off, you want to make sure you have the resources to hire someone to tackle this marketing super plan.  This is going to require a part or full-time position, an employee will have to dedicate all of their time to the inbound tactics.  This will come in the long run though.  

Set Goals and Share Results 

One thing that is stressed throughout the inbound process is SMART goals.  Therefore, you should have already sat your goals.  Once these are reached, share your results! Show your weary colleagues that inbound works, and it works for your institution! 

From this, your colleagues should understand the benefits of inbound marketing.  These tactics will help your institution thrive, even more than before.  Don’t let the questions and concerns of another bog down your marketing plan.  Be prepared to act on inbound, and let the results speak for themselves.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  I hope we have helped you better understand how to sell inbound marketing internally.  Be sure to follow our blog for other inbound blogs involving higher education.  Also, don’t forget to share with all of your colleagues and friends on social media.


Inbound Marketing For Higher Education

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