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How to Use Facebook Audience Optimization


Facebook Audience Optimization is a new Facebook feature that allows you to choose specific audiences to increase engagement for your Facebook posts.  

First, let’s start with how to enable the Audience Optimization.

Go to your Facebook page’s settings. It will look like this in the Business Manager.


Under General settings, look for Audience Optimization for Posts and click Edit.


Turn the Facebook Audience Optimization on and click save changes.


You will see the icon for Facebook Audience Optimization when you go to your page’s update box.


Enter your Facebook post and then click the new Audience Optimization icon. First configure your Preferred Audience. Enter your audience’s interests and Facebook will show you who it thinks you are targeting and the estimated reach of interest.


After you’ve enabled your Audience Optimization you may be wondering what the keys to being successful with it are.

  1. Define your audience with 6-10 tags.
  2. Use both broad and narrow interests.
  3. Who, what, where, when, why, and how
  4. Think of interests of your target audience.
  5. If you can’t find a specific interest, think of a related interest.

Next, configure your audience restrictions. This will limit who can see your post with age, gender, location, and language. Once you finish, click save. 


Once you publish your post you will notice where the globe icon usually is, a settings wheel icon will be there instead.

After publishing your post, visit your Facebook page’s insights to track engagement. You will need to wait until your post reaches at least 100 people to view the post details. To see the data for link clicks, shares, and likes you must also have 100 link clicks, shares, and likes. This could be considered a downside to the Audience Optimization.  


Overall, this feature can drive engagement to your posts. 

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