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How to use inbound marketing and hubspot at your next trade show event


There have been a lot of talks recently on how to tie in your inbound marketing efforts with the things you do offline such as trade shows and conferences. I wanted to shed some light on how you can have a successful trade show campaign by using inbound marketing.


I plan to break down this process step by step: If you complete all of the steps this will allow you to


  • Organize all of your efforts using the campaigns tool in Hubspot
  • Build an editorial calendar
  • Monitor all social media streams
  • Generate solid leads during the event


Let's jump into it.


Step 1: Start a new campaign with the Hubspot software


Navigate to the campaigns tab and start a new campaign. Go ahead and name the campaign and add in all the details. Make sure to set S.M.A.R.T goals for this. Determine a timeline and include an end date. Label your buyer personas and you are off to a good start.


New Call-to-action



How to Create Buyer Persona CTA


Step 2: Import contact list for the event


Open up the list tool and import your contact list into Hubspot. Make sure to create a static list and have a name that corresponds to the event. 

Part of your campaign will be to reach out to these prospects and attendees before the actual event. 


Pro Tip: Create custom properties inside Hubspot to segment and sync the list correctly. 


Step 3: Create an editorial calendar for the tradeshow


Using the calendar tool inside of HubSpot you can create a plan for publishing your content. Think about how you can publish blogs around the event and promote the content through social media. Each piece of content can be scheduled through HubSpot. Don’t forget to tag each piece of content with the campaign name to keep track of everything. 


New Call-to-action


Step 4: Setup social monitoring streams


Though the social monitoring tool, you should set up different streams around the event to stay inside of the conversation. Some streams you can setup are as follows

  • Event name
  • Event hashtag
  • Event Sponsors
  • Speakers
  • List of attendees 

Make sure to monitor your streams! It does you no good if you don’t check what's actually going on. 


Tip: Set up emails notifications for when your stream match goes off. 


Step 5: Draft and schedule pre-event emails


hubspot email tool


Step 6: Send an email while the event is going on to remind the attendees of your promotion or product. 


Step 7: Create a form in the HubSpot tool


If you navigate to the forms section of the software. You can create a form specific to your event. You will use this form to capture information. You will use this form when you build the landing page for the event. 


Step 8: Create a dedicated landing page for event attendees 



Step 9: Segment your contact list from the tradeshow




Step 10: Send an email after the event


This part is crucial to the start of developing that relationship with your prospect. Use the HubSpot tool to schedule when the email should go out. Usually 24 hours after the event date. Remember to tag your email to the campaign you created earlier. This will help when you look at your reports.


Tip: Use this email as an opportunity to say Thank You. Include what you think this person should do next. This can be a call to action. 


Step 11: Check the reports.


Congrats! You just finished your campaign at the trade show. Go to the campaign manager to Analyze the campaign assets.



This is a very simple and unique way to organize your tradeshow efforts and turn those leads into customers. 

If you need help with any of the following, I will be glad to set up a review with you. 

  • Discuss or review the campaign you have built
  • Discuss how this may align with your marketing goals
  • Identify the next campaign to hit your goals


Sociallyin Inbound Consultation




Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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