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How to Utilize Your Website for SEO

Have you designed and built your website but are now unsure of the next steps to getting it discovered? If so, then read on to learn how to use SEO to get visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is for optimizing your website for enriched user experience and providing your website to the search engines for considerations.

Write Quality Content

Search engines, like users, are prone to new and unique content that is useful, informative, and educational. Therefore, it is very important to regularly be publishing quality content to your website and/or blog.

Keyword Placement

Where you add keywords is crucial because search engines give priority to the placement of keywords in your website. The right places for keywords include title, introduction, ending, and the middle. While keywords are the driving force of search engines, it is equally important to keep them to a maximum of five different keywords- any more than five and you are hurting your website rather than helping.

Proper Meta Tags

Meta tags are essential because they convey the content of your website to search engines and users. Proper meta tags will bring your website to the top of search results and increase the chances of users clicking on it.

Get Backlinks from Trusted Websites

Backlinks, especially from popular, trusted websites, show that your website is credible. In order to gain backlinks from high rated websites, your content needs to be very useful and informative. By sharing your posts on social media platforms, you are more likely to gain exposure and backlinks.

Make Website Navigation Easy

A website that is easy to navigate around allows for search engines to consume all the pages on the website and create a better user experience. 

These tips are just the basics of search engine optimization for a solid foundation. Be sure to continually update your website to ensure that it is fully utilized for SEO.

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Keep this information in mind and your website will be optimized for search engines.

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Olivia Chatham

At SociallyIn Olivia works with the social media department as a social media manager. She also creates various content such as blogs, eBooks, and infographics. Outside of SociallyIn, you can find her listening to music, online shopping, or watching cooking shows.

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