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How Your Twitter and Facebook Can work Together


Most businesses are present on more than one social media platform and that's great! You can use the platforms together to increase your effectiveness. Today I'm going to walk you through creating a $5 Twitter ad, which will end up helping redefine your Facebook advertising strategy.


Step 1: Set up a $5 Twitter Ad

You want to make your ad as engaging as possible so you will be able to gather lots of useful data. The goal of this is to extract very specific demographic information about your audience to create content and target groups. To create your ad, take what you know about the people you wish to reach, write a Tweet that will appeal to them and add an image. You will do this through a promoted Tweet campaign with Tweet Engagements as the campaign objective.

Let the ad run out the budget; letting it run a day or two.

Step 2: Prepare, Analyze & apply Data

Export and Clean Audience-Interest Data

Go to your campaign dashboard and export from the "Interests" tab. Do this "by day" and "by hour". Open the daily export. Then you'll need to clean up the data by: 1. Deleting any rows with 0 impressions or spend. 2. Sort by impressions and delete any row with less than 10-15 impressions. 3. Sort by engagement rate and delete the bottom third.

Next you will add 3 columns to the spreadsheet: Engagement Rate/CPE (Cost Per Engagement), Media View/Impressions, and Media Views/Engagement Rate. The first column is a ranked list of the most cost-effective interest groups to target. The second two shows an engagement rate that combines Media Views and total engagement.

Use Logic and Math to Determine Your Best Audience Interests

You are looking for super specific interests to get an extremely defined audience to target. The more unusual the interest, the less likely it is that marketers are trying to target the group. Reaching these people will cost you less in advertising. Sort your spreadsheet by the 3 columns you added and look through the top interests to find ones that meet your criteria. They will score relatively high across all columns.

Create a Hyper-Targeted "Saved Audience" In Facebook Ads

Twitter gave you a list; in Facebook you will convert this list to a "saved audience" that combines interest and behavior targeting to get a very specific and qualified audience for you to reach without spending loads of money.

Check other demographics from Twitter, such as gender, location and devices used, before importing you Saved Audience into Facebook.  You can decide if you would like to further segment your audience using these demographics.

It's crucial to separate interest from behaviors and demographics. 

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