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Improving Your Facebook Video Ads

Video ads on Facebook are a great way to connect with your audience. Testing the way you design and target the ads is one key to success. Small adjustments will show you which elements cause more engagement from your audience.

Appeal to Your Audience

Narrow your focus to one segment of your audience when you are creating your video. These types of videos are likely to get more engagement. If you aren't sure who your audience is, you can use Facebook Audience Insights to find out. 

Once you're in Ads Manager, you can find Audience Insights under Tools. Choose from three audiences to learn more about: Everyone on Facebook, People Connected to Your Page or a Custom Audience. 


You have the ability to look into the demographics, what other pages your audience likes, their location, household makeup and more. Combining all this data will create a full profile of your target audience.

Be Quick To Grab Attention

Your goal is to grab your audience's interest within the first 5 seconds. A few ways to do this include having a catchy start, letting the user know you can solve one of their problems, and hint at what the video is about. Since most videos are muted by default, you need to enhance the audio with a visual. Note that videos with a heavy commercial feel are likely to get skipped.

Don't Have Your Ad Look Like an Ad

Facebook is generally used as a social platform, not for buying. To grab users' attention, deliver the message in an unexpected way. Include funny or clever content, helpful hints, or news.

Keep it to a Reasonable Length

The longer the video, the more likely users are to stop watching. 30 seconds is a good length to aim for, but you may be able to get away with a video that is a couple minutes long if it's entertaining. Keep in mind the W's:

  • Who: the audience
  • What: the offering
  • Where: where the product or service can be found
  • When: is your product always available or only for a limited time?
  • Why: why your product should be used to satisfy a certain need

Create Different Ads for audience segments

To reach people who don't know your business:

Focus on building brand awareness when creating your video. To filter out people who are not your ideal customer, be straightforward and to the point. You need to generate interest in knowing more about your business. This will be mainly general business information.

To engage those familiar with your business:

The ad for this group should focus on other aspects of the product or service. Talk about additional features users will receive from your business versus others or provide reviews. The idea is to provide them with new information that nurtures them in their journey to becoming a customer.

Run a/B tests

Create at least two variations of each video ad to test and find out which has the best performance.  The videos need to be identical except for the one aspect you are testing. 

A 30-second video is divided into 4 sections: the first 5 seconds, up to the 15th second, up to the 25th second and the last 5 seconds. Test section one and only continue using the video with the best performance. Create an alternate video and test section two. Continue until you have tested all the sections. 


To find inspiration for your A/B tests you could research your competitors Facebook ads to find out what's working in your niche. 

Combine visuals, voiceover & music

As mentioned earlier, videos autoplay without the sound on. You want to entice the user to turn the sound on. There are 3 things you must do: attract users so they look at the first few frames, intrigue users so they click the audio button and keep users engaged so they perform an action. 

To achieve the first two goals, enhance the audio with a visual and text as talked about earlier. They need to support your statements. Incorporate audio and background music to keep users engaged throughout the entire video. 


What video ad techniques have you found successful? Have you used any of the tactics mentioned? Let us know!

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