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Inbound Marketing: Dummy Guide

What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound Marketing is the new and effective way to market your business or brand. Inbound Marketing is used to attract potential customers at the precise moment that they actively search for a specific product or service. This is different from the traditional outbound marketing method which aims to sell something by interrupting or jumping in the middle of a customer's decision. 

Inbound Marketing uses a number of traditional outbound marketing tactics such as email, PPC, and SEO but isn’t as aggressive. Instead, inbound uses content marketing, social media, and advanced marketing automation to create a successful inbound campaign. It is a great way to increase traffic and results to your website, and gain a constant source of new leads and sales. Companies and businesses like revenue growth and cost reduction which can be achieved using inbound marketing. 

 Outbound Marketing is Obsolete


The way people and businesses orient themselves to products and services is changing rapidly. They way they purchase is also changing. As businesses and companies are recognizing the need to reduce their costs and marketing budgets, using inbound strategies offers them a faster ROI. Inbound marketing makes it possible to achieve more with less.

Traditional marketing methods have become less effective. This is due to the growth of the internet, changes in purchasing behavior and the following changes in search engines:

Changes to Google. Google has updated the rules considerably which focuses on a core update that has made relevant content essential to rank.

Social Media. With the growth of the internet, social media platforms have become considerably huge. It is important to have good content on the various networks which also determine your appearance in search results. 

Content Offers. A better content strategy, focusing on all content distribution channels is necessary for results. 

Old SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The changes that Google made ensure that the credibility of your business depends on good content, SEO, knowledge, and a strategic inbound approach. 

Customers are Online. Let's face it the internet is growing every day. 78% of internet users do their product orientation online. Inbound marketing can influence the online conversation in your industry and help grow your business. 


What do Customers Want?


Inbound marketing gives you a chance to find out what your customers really want, when they want it. First you have to understand what those needs are. This will help you develop great content that can be found by your potential customers when they are searching for products or services you offer. Inbound makes it easy for potential customers to find you. This is more convenient than the older methods where you have to struggle to sell something to potential customers.

Nobody likes being bothered by an annoying salesman. Customers like to feel that they can determine their own preferences and can freely take purchasing decisions. It isn’t surprising that most people begin their product orientation online and go on from there. 

First you need a clear content strategy that ensures your content matches what your potential customers are looking for. If you understand what your target audience is looking for, you can then diversify your content to fit what they want. As you continue to share relevant content with your audience, it will increase your credibility. The leading idea is that you are creating an online business relationship with your potential customers. That you share your knowledge and expertise with your audience. You can do this with example case studies, testimonials from your customers or customer reviews.

Carefully reading and understanding this post will help your business run a successful inbound marketing campaign. If you’re interested in more information please take a look at our offer below. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my basics of inbound marketing post. If you liked my post and want to get in touch with me you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn



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Kaushal Kakadia

Kaushal Kakadia is Sociallyin's CTO/COO. He is an inbound marketing expert, Google Adwords expert, and a New Orleans Sports expert. He is responsible for the daily operations of the agency and the web development department.

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