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Inbound Marketing is Making the World a Better Place One Day at a Time


The newest approach to marketing is inbound which is a strategy that focuses on getting found by customers, compared to the traditional approach of being intrusive. Inbound marketing can help your business become significantly more successful. Like all good things, the results take time. 

Let's take a look at inbound marketing vs outbound marketing.

Traditional Marketing:

Radio, TV, direct mail and newspapers are examples of the old way of marketing. The message was pushed onto the consumer whether they wanted it or not. It was all about interruption and attention-grabbing. Everyone received the same message; so the relationship with the client was compromised because nothing was individualized. If you had a commercial play during the Super Bowl, you were just a side attraction and not the main idea. Lately, things have been changing..

Inbound Marketing:

The new approach is all about earning people's interest. You create great content to delight, educate and engage customers. You don't have to go out of your way for people to notice you, the right people will find you because you are where they want to find you and you answer their questions. Your message is specific and useful whereas in the traditional way value is not apparent. Examples of the new way of marketing are social media, search engine optimization, and keyword targeting.




Sales have become easier since the use of inbound began. There are no more cold calls or email blasts anymore; now there are call-to-actions to help prospects get started on their journey to becoming customers and search engine optimization techniques for your site so it will rank higher on search engines and be found more frequently. Sales becoming easier means a happy sales team and a happy sales team does a better job. And a happy sales team equals happy customers. So just like that, inbound marketing is making the world a better place one day at a time.


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