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Inbound Marketing: The Client Magnet

Are you still using old outbound marketing tactics to find customers? Cold calling?  Print Advertising? Sending mail outs?

     Inbound does the complete opposite of these strategies. Think of your customers as a piece of metal and inbound marketing is  the world’s largest magnet, that only draws your ideal customer for your business. You can now aid your customer to do the “finding” on their own which is the reverse of the outbound relationship that may have been the norm. Now you can give them quality content that they want to see. A more productive and effective marketing process is a direct result of inbound marketing.


Unique and quality content is a core part of inbound. Blogs that your buyer chooses to subscribe to, educational eBooks, and videos that your customer actually wants to see are all parts of the content you should create. Efficient and effective utilization of email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media are portions of the inbound strategy. Inbound is not used to just find anyone but by design it attracts people who want to become buyers of your business’s service or product. An increase in inbound web traffic that your business can eventually turn into a delighted customer is a direct result of inbound marketing and the quality content you create.

There are some main steps using inbound techniques that create an effective marketing process:



Draw in traffic, the right kind.

Potential customers come when your business publishes original and relevant content. This will eliminate your chances of getting visitors who have no interest in becoming your customer.

Tool for attracting your customers:

  1. Blogging- Providing educational content that is relatable, helpful and relevant is the most effective method of blogging.
  2. Social Media- Interacting with consumers and presenting your business more human like is possible now via networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This calls for a strategy to direct users to somewhere specific (ie: landing page on your website).
  3. Keywords and Pages- Where do most customers begin their purchasing journey? You guessed it, the internet. Therefore, it is vital that your website be search engine friendly. You should build your website around keywords that your customers would look for to achieve the best results.


Convert leads from visitors.

It makes it very difficult to convert traffic into a lead without gathering some information from them. Tip sheets, eBooks, and videos are examples of content that you can offer your visitors in exchange for their information (name, email address, etc.).

  1. Contact Form- These make the process quick and simple.
  2. Contact Database- Prospective customers will have to choice but to continue being attracted to you brand when you use a centralized marketing database to keep track of your leads that you can now use to make future interactions.
  3. Calls to Action & Landing Pages- Encourage your visitors to do something by adding Call to Action buttons.  For example, it would say “Click to download the Success Guide to Business”). They would then be directed to your landing page where you would prompt them to give you their information in exchange for your offer.

Close the transaction by turning leads into customers.

An effective closing strategy is required to move from inbound traffic to leads and converting them into delighted customers.

  1. Email- Provide a sense of comfort to your prospects by continuing to interact with them through useful email content. You can them prompt them to make purchases.
  2. Marketing Automation- Tailor emails to individuals using this strategy. Create and set up follow up messages based on your visitor’s interest.

Make promoters out of your customers

The inbound process does not stop once they become happy customers.  Here is where you convert them to promoters by maintaining contact through:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Offer new perspectives, strategies, special content, and real-time customer service.


Think “green” when it comes to quality content.

Constantly creating new content can cost a lot of time and money. Instead, recycle your best content. Also, it gives a great opportunity to update and revisit responses to customer issues that are relevant.


Take more control of your marketing strategy by implementing the inbound marketing methodology. Attract the people who actually want to be your customers.

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Adrian Marcus

I am the Creative Director and I'm fortunate to work on the fun side of the business. Photography, design, social media, tag lines and all, allowing me to play with all sorts of exciting projects, everything a kid could ask for.

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