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Instagram Stories Part Three: Optimizing Stories For Your Business

This post is an overview of how you can optimize your Instagram Stories for your business.

Most marketers know that a good story is essential if you want to be successful in terms of business on Instagram.

P.S check out PART ONE and PART TWO of our Instagram Stories series.

But how do you go about achieving the perfect Instagram story? Is there a way to ensure success on the playing field? Let’s dive in and find the answer!

Recap: What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are full screen creative videos, images and graphics that disappear after 24 hours unless highlighted on a brand or individuals profile. Brands can use Instagram Stories to raise awareness, show off products in real time, use Stories as a way to give your audience a “backstage view” and more. If you’re not yet tapping into the opportunities that Instagram Stories can provide you as a brand, you’re definitely missing out. Which is why we’re writing this article.

How Instagram Stories Can Help Your Business

There are, on average, around 500 Million daily active users on Instagram. This makes Instagram stories an incredible tool in your marketing belt. It makes it easier to reach potential customers, build better relationships with existing customers, extend the reach of your brand awareness campaign and more. Since the debut of stories in 2016, the number of daily posts in the feed has had a steady decline. This is because consumers want a deep connection with brands they’re supporting and Stories has given brands the ability to film at the drop of a hat with limited to no editing necessary.

You Can Use Stories For Event Promotion

We’ve used stories time and time again for promoting the biggest social media marketing event in the south: THE SOUTHERN SOCIAL SUMMIT. And guess what?? IT WORKS! People love seeing what you’re planning, fun countdowns, info about the upcoming events and more, and stories is a great delivery method for that type of content.


On the day of the event, show your non-attending audience what they're missing! It'll make brand promotion later that much easier.

Stories are a Great Way to Show off New Services or Products

Or just show off what you know and how you can help other brands!

Showing how things work and why your audience should consider making a purchase makes it more likely for them to actually purchase the product.


And that doesn’t mean it has to be your service or product. You can share insight into the industry you work in and help everyone stay informed. This is an inbound strategy that WORKS. And it works because your customers know you’re there to help and that they can learn something from you. So share away!

How You Can Boost Engagement Using Instagram Stories

The super fun and easy elements on Instagram Stories make boosting engagement easy, let’s be honest. From those super fun emoji sliders to polls to quizzes, you and your audience can have a blast.

The most important things: Make sure you're posting regularly, that you're directing your audience towards some kind of engagement, (whether comments, answers, likes, follows, etc) and are staying relevant to your industry.

Utilize the "Swipe UP!" Feature

And if you haven't unlocked this yet, don't sweat. You have options.

One awesome alternative is, which allows you to link out to multiple pages, posts and more through just one link in your bio.

However, if you do have the swipe up feature enabled, TAKE ADVANTAGE and create custom .gifs and other creative elements that will help encourage clicks and conversions.

If you don't go custom, utilize the options available through the create option on Stories.

Creating a Stories Ad

These can be optimized for specific goals and can run for as long as you like!

STEP ONE: Go to your ads manager. You will be given two options: Guided creation or Quick Creation for your ad.

STEP TWO: Select an objective. Your options will include Brand Awareness, Reach, Video views, Conversions, App installs, Lead Generation or Site traffic.

STEP THREE: For placements, you'll have the choice between automatic and edit placements. For both the default remains stories.

STEP FOUR: Follow the prompts for the remainder of your ad. Remember to THINK CREATIVELY. And to embrace your audience on every front.

Is there a particular way you've been able to optimize your Instagram stories to really reach your audience in the most creative and engaging way possible? Let us know how you did it!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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