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Instagram Stories Part Two: Creating Amazing Content

Aaannndd we're back!

(This is part two of our Instagram Stories collection. Check out PART ONE here.)

Today, we're diving into the next big step when it comes to becoming an expert on Instagram Stories: THE INCREDIBLE CONTENT!

But before we jump in and learn all about filters, stickers, music and those wicked boomerangs, let's back up and learn the basics.

What IS the Stories Feature?

All the stories your friends are creating show up in a bar at the top of your feed. Like this:


When there's something new, there is a colorful bar around picture. After viewing, the bar will turn gray.

Each story lasts 24 hours before it vanishes. By clicking on the profile pictures, you'll be able to view your friends content from the last 24 hours. If they highlight the story, you can view it on their profile.


Highlights can be named whatever you want. Some good ideas could be "Events", "Products", "Services" and more.

While viewing the story, tapping to the right will switch to the next slide, tapping left will switch to a previous slide, and swiping will take you to the next story.

Keep in mind: There are no public likes OR comments. Any comments that are left on your story will go straight to your DMs box.

How to Add to Your Instagram Story

At the top of your homepage, your profile picture is going to be visible with a plus sign before all of the other stories.

An example:


To create your very first Instagram story, you'll tap this picture, which will bring up a camera.

The camera that Instagram will launch is not your ordinary camera, which you'll realize when you take a look around a little bit. This screen features live options, boomerangs, filters, the use of just words on your story and more.

You can record normally, or test the boomerang feature, which you swipe over to use.


If you want to add content from your camera roll, select the little box to the left of the story options that will be a preview of the last photo you took on your camera.



Adding Stickers, GIFs, Music and More


Instagram Stories can be as fun and versatile as the pictures you're sharing.

For stickers, GIFs and more, you can pinch them and move your fingers in and out to make them larger or smaller. The MUSIC feature allows you to out music in the background. For questions, polls, countdowns and quizzes, you can put in your own answers and let people respond and vote within Stories.

The search bar at the top of the "extras" screen will allow you to search all the options at once. So if you search "coffee" it'll bring up stickers, GIFs and filters that represent that word.


GeoTagging Your Location=Awesome

When you search in the "explore" tab on Instagram using a location, you might find a ring at the top with all of the different stories people are sharing around that location.

This can become an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing your store front, advertising an event and more.

It's a great way to drum up business, raise awareness and get people talking, as well as spread the news about your brand.


There are plenty of sticker options to make your posts awesome, including emoji sliders, (for asking questions and letting people decide how they feel about it) mentions, time, dates, countdowns, polls, temperatures and more.

Remember: keep it relevant. Keep it light. Keep it fun.

How Many Stories Should You Post a Day?

We wouldn't recommend going over five, but definitely not more than seven. The exception to this rule would be if you're covering an event on social.

Choose Optimal Times for Posting

Stories only last 24 hours, so make the post of it! When is your audience most likely to see your posts? Take advantage of the intervals of time that seem most likely.

The best times for YOUR brand will be different than others, but we are going to give you a little head start with this graphic.


Image Credit: Buffer

These are the peak times of day when people are MOST LIKELY to click all the way through your stories and watch the whole thing.

Did we miss any important aspects of creating awesome Instagram Stories. LET US KNOW!

Stay tuned for Instagram Stories Part Three: Marketing Through Stories!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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