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Invigorate your visuals

Let’s face it, social media is heavily reliant on visuals.  Whether it’s a teenager’s Instagram, a Tumblr “aesthetic,” or a major brand’s approach to visualizing their digital content; being aware of how visuals influence audience engagement is important. Furthermore, accruing a better understanding of how to generate visually appealing content will only serve to assist you when it comes to growing your influence and presence.

The best approach to visual content depends on which platform will be used. Features like Facebook’s autoplay, which plays muted videos as users scroll should be taken into account when producing and publishing content.  Here is a compilation of visual content that you may (or may not) be utilizing, and how it can help take your social media accounts to the next level.



Gifs are by no means a new form of visual content, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to convey emotion. GIFS are especially useful when posting a full video

isn’t practical or necessary but you still want to add a layer of movement and animation to your content.  


If you’re unsure of where to start when trying to create a GIF, online resources like allow you to search a log of pre-made animations that you can use.  If you have your own video content that you would like converted into gifs, tools like can be used to create content unique to your brand.



When crafting an engaging visual element for your social media, video content is an essential componant.  While there are many conventional approaches to video-based content, taking a few creative risks might be the thing that sets your content apart from your competition.  Don't hesitate to explore different forms of video such as stop-motion to catch the attention of your audience.

Agencies like Visual Country have taken this interesting, unorthodox approach to videos to heart: producing original, high quality, animated imagery on their social media platforms.  

Videos are a very consistent means by which to express creativity with visual animation, so be sure to explore new and clever ways to utilize it.


Keep your audience on their toes by diversifying your visual content.  Photos are a great way to convey your brand identity, but videos and other animated visuals can take your accounts to the next level.

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