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Is It Time? Ramping Up Your Marketing on Pinterest

Is it Time to Create a Buisness Pinterest Page?

With so many investing their time and money between the two most recognizable social platforms out there: Facebook and Instagram—both owned by Facebook; it can be easy to overlook another key player in the world of social media ... Pinterest.

To the layman, it may appear as a non-essential player, but that would be a mistake. The platform – once considered a site mainly geared toward women – has made great strides in reaching out to men who now represent 40% of its base. As a result, the site has established itself as a main stay in the social world.

With more than 150 million users whose main intent is to buy, any retail or e-commerce company would be shortsighted not to consider taking a chunk out of the mainstay site. With it's ability to tap into numerous followers through the use and connection of Social Media Influencers, companies have the power to tap into numerous audiences, fans, and followers far beyond their own communities.

Social influencers often have thousands of followers, sometimes even millions, and are able to bring with them extremely high engagement rates. Through their use or mentions of products, they can influence their followers to buy into brand identities and even encourage their followers to follow through on the purchase path – often the end goal of a company. A casual mention of a product or company is often all it takes, sometimes video or images are used to push a product; which further assists in brands efforts to boost visibility.

There are multiple ways to go about doing this. One in particular is to assign individual influencers to guest boards directly on your profile. Of course, you need to make the connection and develop that relationship, but once you get that relationship moving, you'll be able to utilize their high-quality pins and bring their viewers to your site. Your brand will also begin to show up on their boards which in turn, puts your product in front of more viewers and communities.

Make sure when doing this that you find the right influencers that match your brand. You don't want to hire a Social Media Influencer who's main focus is country chic decor if you're trying to sell modern and contemporary items.


Another important thing to remember, the number of followers does not directly correlate with top influencers; in fact, numbers associated with spam followers can easily be inflated; so rather, ask influencers about their engagement rate. Good influencers will be able to break down their stats to demonstrate high engagement rates. Typically these rates fall between 4% and 8%. You can acquire this from adding the total number of likes with the total number of comments, you then divide that number by the total number of followers. This will give you the engagement rate. Once you've obtained numerous prospective influencers and their statistics, compile them into a spreadsheet to help you evaluate highest engagement rates, budgets, and overall ROI.

How Many Pins is Too Many?

In order to generate the biggest return, brands should be repinning somewhere between 5 to 30 times a day. Because Pinterest's algorithm prevents pinning overload on your customers, your followers will not be overwhelmed by too many daily pins—so have no fear, start pinning.  

Things to consider: Don't just post any image, make sure images are beautiful; also make sure to generate optimized content, provide excellent SEO captions, and always tag your pins and links with UTMs. Coming up with 5 or more unique pins a day can be daunting so supplement your time and efforts by taking advantage of user-generated content or (UGC) which will help to create quality pins without sacrificing precious personal time.

One company that has successfully accomplished this is the jewelry company Mejuri. They created a board called Styled By You and asked customers and fellow bloggers to send in their favorite images of their jewelry. By doing this they generate great quality content for free while also providing shoppers with images of their jewelry on actual people, rather than models.


Nobody Likes a Pushy Sale

We all know those companies that push their products on you through pushy ads or salesy content. Fortunately, Pinterest does a great job of sharing product information for you, so have fun with your pins and boards by providing valuable, or helpful tips to create a greater following.

Many companies do this by creating tutorials, step-by-step instructions for DIY projects, or with valuable demonstrations of how to use their products. These strategies will generate much higher results as opposed to forcing a sale. It's no secret, people love sharing items they love or find helpful—automatically furthering your brand's reach simply through relationship building.

End Result

Pinterest is something every company, every brand, and every business should consider. The ability to further your social reach is priceless and the hesitation to join the savvy image-happy platform will end up hurting the bottom line as your competitors choose to take advantage of the curated shopping experience.

Start pinning!

Audra Gines

Audra loves reading, writing, and arithmetic - all true except the last part - hails from the great state of Utah; known as a super cool mom (don't listen to her kids), avid runner, and creative genius. On the weekends you'll find her trying to catch up on sleep, running from game to game, and enjoying time with her husband and crazy kids!

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