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Klingon Marketing Code of Honor

Market Like a True Warrior:

nuqneH Earther!

I have been on your planet for many cycles and have come both impressed and disgusted at the market tactics of your so called marketers. As expected many of your self-proclaimed warriors in the battle of marketing lack the fundamental virtues of a true warrior.

The message I send today is intended for those who want to face the challenges of marketing head-on and succeed. To begin this journey in becoming a true marketing warrior, one that wins battles for clients, you must understand the founding principles that make up the Klingon Marketing Code of Honor.

The Klingon Marketing Code of Honor:

Below you will find the 7 basic tenets of the Klingon Code of Honor. These 7 principles define every action of a true warrior regardless of the battlefield. These tenets hold true for marketing just as much as they do for war.

Klingon Honor Code


1 - A warrior does not cheat

2 - A warrior does not take prisoners

3 - A warrior does not allow himself to be taken prisoner

4 - A warrior proclaims himself loudly

5 - A warrior does not use poison or kill from behind

6 - A warrior does not surrender

7 - A warrior dies standing up

Comparing Klingons to Marketing Professionals

These principles are ingrained in the code of Klingon warriors. They may seem a little extreme for marketing but there are lessons to be learned here.

For example, taking the first point, “a warrior does not cheat”, and applying it to marketing means that you should always strive for honest interactions with clients and customers. This includes making sure that all data used in campaigns is accurate, up-to-date, and reflects reality. Never resort to unethical tactics or methods when trying to reach your goals — true warriors go about their business in an honorable way.

By combining traditional values from the Klingon Code of Honor with modern-day digital marketing tactics, you will be able to achieve success and honor in your professional career.

Be courageous, be strong, and fight for your clients!

For a greater understanding of this code, I will over a series of communiques, break each of these down and explain how they will make you a better marketer worthy of the title of true warrior. Do you have what it takes to be a Klingon Marketer?

"We succeed together in a greater whole":

If you lack the patience for my next comm signal, I offer you a chance to speak with an Earther who understands what it means to be a true marketing warrior. Join Keith Kakadia, CEO of Sociallyin as he gives you the basics of Inbound Marketing, one of the mightiest weapons in a modern marketer's arsenal.


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