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Landing Pages and Your Successful Website


A landing page is the ultimate goal for any website that is trying to convert visitors into leads. Corey Eridon from the Hubspot team in 2013 said that, “all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages.” This is true, because in order for a webpage to be considered a landing page it has to have a form, and the form must be there for the purpose of getting the visitor’s information to eventually turn them into a lead. By doing this, you will know how to better meet the needs of this newly gained lead. A landing page can be reached by a visitor clicking on CTAs (call to actions) that take them through the awareness and consideration stage of the buyer’s journey, and will eventually lead them into the decision stage.

These CTAs need to be clear in order for the customer to know exactly what they are getting into when they click that button. Say you are on a home page and there is a button that the bottom of your screen that says “Click Here to Learn More.” Learn more about what? What I just learned about? Where will this take me? Clarity is so uber important when trying to keep the visitor interested and continuing to shimmy down the sales funnel that you created with your website. Maybe try “Click Here to Receive an eBook Containing the 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Business.” Now that’s a CTA I would click on. Riveting stuff. After clicking on the call to action, then the prospect has reached your landing page and will more than likely be willing to give you their information to gain this eBook that they have been led to.



A better question is, how can you be a successful inbound marketer without a landing page? What you are doing when adding a landing page to your site is creating a conversion event that happens when the customer is taken through the aforementioned sales funnel and they eventually ‘land’ on the page that allows you, as the marketer, to acquire information from this visitor and in return they will receive an incentive. An incentive can be and eBook, an invitation to a blog subscription, white papers, a free trial, or discount coupons for your e-commerce website. Who doesn’t like incentives?

Now let’s compare this to a real life scenario.


Weird right? But if you think about it, when you are creating CTAs throughout your site you are controlling a game of laser tag that you will eventually win. When playing this game of marketing tag you are able to create a maze of interesting topics that your webpage's visitors will click on, or tag, until they are led to the final game prize winning page that is your landing page. You as the inbound marketer have eventually rigged the game and come out on top. Your prize? A name, email, or phone number. Success is sweet isn’t it?


“Your CTA and value proposition should smack visitors in the face with obviousness”- Oli Gardner, 2012


When all is said and done it is obvious that landing pages are CRUCIAL to a marketer’s success when trying to receive information from customers in order to improve relations, and gain leads through this information. So you go out there and win yourself a game of laser tag. 

Click here for more information on landing pages and inbound marketing!


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