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Lessons from the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition: Rule 13 Offers

Rule # 13: "Anything worth doing is worth doing for money."


With Inbound Marketing, you will hear the phrase "Content is King." Content includes blogs and offers. Agency after agency is steadily handing out free content. Why? To attract new leads. More and more companies are following this model.

I would like to remind everyone considering Inbound Marketing of the 13th Rule of Acquisition. "Anything worth doing is worth doing for money." 

This may seem to be a statement of pure greed or business arrogance, but let me add some perspective. I have heard seasoned marketers say that Inbound Marketing is "wishful thinking." That Inbound is a waste of resources, a gamble, placing all of your latinum on a single mark of the Dabo wheel. 

To this, I say these marketers have forsaken the 59th rule. "Free advice is seldom cheap." By that I believe your hewmons have a phrase, "you have to spend money to make money." Let talk to you about the importance of Inbound Marketing offers.

Inbound Marketing Offers

An offer is content that helps solve your website visitor’s problem. It can be anything from a free demo or coupon to an e-book or guide. Your offers should be of use to most visitors—the most important thing is that visitors, leads, prospects and customers receive information that they can use to help solve a problem. For inbound marketers, the first offer conversion is a critical step in the marketing relationship with the lead. It represents a brand’s currency in the quid pro quo transaction of a conversion. The right offer at the right time can give a website visitor exactly what they need—and beam them aboard your vessel! 

Despite giving away something, investing in content, and throwing a line into the Great River, your returns will be greater because the leads your garner will be more attuned with your ideal buyer persona, that stereotypical customer that just keeps coming back to your business. But, going back to the 13th Rule. Don't assume that because Inbound Marketers are giving away all this juicy advice and offers, that they are blind business persons. On the contrary, they have a sharp eye on the leads reading and downloading their contact. Inbound Marketers are instrumental in educating their leads and customers on the 218th Rule of Acquisition: "Always know what you're buying." A well informed, well educated, satisfied buyer equals repeat business.

For more on Inbound Marketing and the ins and outs of growing your business digitally, check out this latest offer from my hewmon friends at Sociallyin, 15 Productivity Hacks. Remember Rule #284, "Deep down, everyone is a Ferengi!"
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