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35 LinkedIn Social Selling Statistics for Ultimate Success

Are you just getting started when it comes to LinkedIn social selling? Take your LinkedIn to the next level with these 35 LinkedIn Social Selling statistics!

Did you know that the standard amount of time that an individual spends on their smartphone every day averages around three and a half hours?

And even more interesting, about half of that time is devoted to browsing, social selling, sharing and connecting on social media.

Due to the amount of time being spent at home massively increasing with the onset and continuation of COVID-19, we can only anticipate that these numbers are increasing at an incredible rate.

Of course, personal social media use isn’t the only one steadily increasing over the course of the last few months.

Professional and business social media use have also skyrocketed in the last few months and thus sales teams have been particularly drawn to social media as a means of communicating, connecting and closing sales in the current atmosphere.

So how can you best take advantage of the opportunity that social media is providing through the social selling channel? Let’s dig into the 35 LinkedIn social selling statistics for ultimate success.

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LinkedIn Social Selling Statistics: Best Practices

  1. For the individuals sharing blog posts on LinkedIn, the posts between 1900 and 2000 words got the most interaction, including: reactions, comments, views and shares.
  2. Sales representatives who jumped on messages and responded in a timely manner saw a whopping 9.5% increase in their annual revenue.
  3. Your LinkedIn social selling index score is worth something, because those with a high score are 51% more likely to reach their sales quota and overall have more LinkedIn sales opportunities than those with lower scores.
  4. Sales representatives most often use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to perform outreach, connect with their target audience, warm leads and close deals.
  5. Video campaigns on LinkedIn have a view rate of over 50% and are growing every year.
  6. Surprisingly, LinkedIn posts that exhibit positive or negative tones get less reactions than those that exhibit a more neutral tone.
  7. More than 76% of buyers are already ready and waiting to have a conversation with sales representatives on LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  8. Over 62% of B2B customers are more willing to react and connect with industry leaders who take the time to share insight, information and content relevant to their industry and to the buyer on LinkedIn.
  9. If you shoot to be a strong, professional and down-to-earth brand, you’re in luck. 81% of buyers across LinkedIn favor this type of interaction and connection when making decisions about who to engage and connect with.

LinkedIn Social Selling Statistics: Customer Engagement

  1. Mutual introductions can mean the world on LinkedIn. According to research, sales representatives who were introduced to prospects by mutual connections made more favorable impressions nearly 87% of the time
  2. The time for cold outreach has come to a close. According to Harvard Business Review, 90% of the B2B “decision making” leaders don’t ever bother responding to a cold outreach approach.
  3. 75% of B2B buyers and executives consult reviews, content and information about a company on social media before buying.
  4. Becoming an industry thought leader and regularly sharing and updating your online audience about recent trends, news and industry-related information can prove to be invaluable when the time comes to make a sale. Why? Because 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with a proven thought leader in their industry
  5. Over 50% of B2B buyers are turning to LinkedIn when considering purchase options for their brand.
  6. Millennials and the up and coming GenZers just don’t like phone calls when something can be done online or over text. We proved this theory with a study that revealed 33% of buyers would rather interact with brands online and on LinkedIn than have a phone call with a sales rep.
  7. 65% of B2B buyers report preferring informative, easy to digest and creative content on LinkedIn.
  8. Over 41% of B2B buyers will view 3-4 pieces of your content before every interacting with your sales representatives

LinkedIn Social Selling Statistics: Sales Representatives and Team Work

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  1. More than 74% of B2B buyers will do an incredible amount of research prior to making a final purchase decision.
  2. Coschedule has done a research project and uncovered that LinkedIn posts containing no “fluff” (emojis, hashtags, etc) and are roughly 149 characters in length gain the most interaction.
  3. One in every three B2B business sales reps report that social selling has significantly increased the number of leads they work with and connect with on a daily basis.
  4. 28% of the companies in Hubspot’s research are currently or plan to prioritize social selling in the future.
  5. Over 65% of sales reps rely on LinkedIn social selling as a way to fill their pipeline and their conversion funnel.
  6. By implementing LinkedIn social selling as a part of your social media strategy, you can increase your win rate by 5% and deal size by nearly 35%.
  7. LinkedIn social selling is majorly responsible for generating half of the revenue for over 14 industries including that of computer and network security, health care, major events, and even financial services like payroll and banking.
  8. If you’re utilizing LinkedIn social selling, you’re in the 78% of users who are performing better than their peers.
  9. 61% of business professionals who engage in social selling report an increase in revenue year over year.
  10. If you want to better qualify leads, deliver more bids, negotiate renewal deals and have a retention rate of 80-90%, LinkedIn social selling is where you need to be putting your focus.
  11. If you’re looking to save money but close more deals, you’ll be happy to know that it costs 75% less to pursue social selling as an option than any other sales approach.
  12. You’re 51% more likely to achieve your quarterly sales quota social selling.
  13. 31% of sales reps report closer, deeper relationships since implementing a LinkedIn social selling strategy
  14. If you’re looking to start a social selling strategy, LinkedIn is the top platform for social selling, with Facebook and Twitter following in its stead.
  15. Knowledge is power. A study showed that the 21% of sales representatives that weren’t taking advantage of the bonuses of social selling reported not knowing how to use LinkedIn or other platforms to their advantage.
  16. And to follow up with the message above, 75% of sales reps are never taught a thing about social media or social selling.
  17. A staggeringly low 1.4% of sales professionals are ranked as top professionals accordingly to the LinkedIn social selling index score.
  18. ...if you want to be successful on social media, it’s time to STEP UP YOUR GAME!

Level Up Your LinkedIn Social Selling Opportunities TODAY

If the above LinkedIn social selling statistics prove anything, it’s that taking advantage of the power and opportunity that LinkedIn provides sales reps and business professionals is immeasurable.


Not sure where to begin? No problem! Our team of social media and social selling experts are here to help you level up your LinkedIn and close more deals. What are you waiting for? Fill out a form and we’ll be in touch!

Lorenzo Johnson

Lorenzo Johnson is an experienced Professional Sales and Leadership Coach who has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of working with Marketing and digital platforms, in both the B2C and B2B marketplaces. Time and time again, Lorenzo has proven himself as a self-starter who works exceptionally well on teams and individually across a variety of playing fields. In addition, Lorenzo embodies skills for both B-to-Sales Management and B to C partnerships and delivers high-quality content strategy, project management, Social Media, account and project management, SEM, SEO, and PPC campaign management, making him an asset in every situation.

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