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Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: The Meme & What it Means

meme example from Burger King

At this point, you’ve probably seen these everywhere. So, where did it all start? Dolly Parton. Yup, you read that right. Dolly Parton, the Queen of Country started a meme. She captioned her viral post, “Get you a woman who can do it all 😉“

Another meme example showing Dolly Parton on 4 different social media platforms.

And just like that, the simple grid-style post got individuals and brands alike participating in the trend and posting their own versions.

I’m a social media nerd, so of course after thinking “LOL!” I thought, “What does this say about how we approach individual social media platforms differently?” And I think it speaks to a few things. I broke them down here. Stick with me.

Who is Your Audience?

It comes down to your audience. Whether you are using social media for personal networking, selling, or brand awareness -- your approach to any platform you are on should be unique given that platform.

Who is consuming your content? Is it potential clients, partners, or employers on LinkedIn? If so, the way you represent yourself or brand should stay professional. Your online presence and reputation can help you find opportunities, develop relationships, and reach your objectives.

If your followers are your family and friends on Facebook who may have seen you close deals but have also seen you making silly TikToks with your kids, the platform may provide you the perfect place to share your opinions, meet interesting people, and show off your unfiltered personality.

Representation is in the Details

On social media, the way you or your brand are perceived is through every photo, status, link, and like. On most platforms, almost every bit of activity can be monitored by your followers. So even the retweet you liked on Twitter can be seen by the follower you never interact with.

So how can you control the way your online presence is perceived? Well, perception is always relative. So don’t let yourself believe I’ve got the secret to controlling others’ perceptions. However, from my experience in the social media marketing industry - I do know that…

Consistency is Key

staying consistent when posting memes is important for your brand. Here is an example of our logo consistency on 4 different platforms.

From sticking to brand guidelines to having the same version of your logo as your profile picture on every platform, consistency across social media platforms improves your brand recognition. So what if you’re not a brand?

Nisha Kashyap poses for social media memes.

Well, here’s a look at my LinkedIn photo versus my Facebook profile photo. There’s clearly a difference. The LinkedIn photo is a bit more professional. I’m not wearing a blazer or a button-down, but my outfit is one I’d wear to work or a client meeting. The Facebook profile pic speaks to my fun-loving nature and shows off a bit of my personality (and shoulder) NSFW!!

Yet there is consistency. Both are bright and colorful. I feel both represent my personality accurately. And both are current photos! (This is important.) Just as brands often undergo rebranding periods, individuals may as well. We get haircuts or change weight. We get older. When rebranding occurs, personally or professionally, the way we represent ourselves online should reflect that.

Get You an Agency that Can Do It All 😉

Yes, I stole Dolly Parton’s caption. And yes, this is a shameless plug. But if you’re ready to take your brand’s online presence to the next level across each and every platform, so are we. Don’t tackle it alone. Learn more about how Sociallyin can help you with your social media marketing strategy today!

Nisha Kashyap

A social media nerd with a passion for creating art out of the ordinary, eating ice cream, and dancing like no one (or everyone on Instagram) is watching.

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