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7 Epic LinkedIn Social Selling Examples for Ultimate Victory

Social selling. It’s a current buzzword, and one that gets a significant amount of traffic due to the demand that successful social selling on LinkedIn has across the web.

However, there is a lack of LinkedIn social selling examples in a huge way. It seems that either not many people seem to know how to approach LinkedIn social selling and thus don’t have the examples, or nobody is sharing their LinkedIn social selling ideas and tricks for brand victory.

Today, we’re going to change that because I’m going to provide some real world examples of the ways we take our LinkedIn social selling to the next level. Let’s get started.

LinkedIn Social Selling Example One: Success Starts on Your LinkedIn Profile

A screenshot of Keith Kakadia's LinkedIn profile

If you want results, you have to start where you can have the most influence: your profile.

New call-to-action

You want the language to be centered around your customer and easy to understand, as well as industry specific.

Make it clear what you’re after, but don’t make it all about business. Remind your customers that you are a person with goals and ideas and beliefs just like they are, and pursue relationships apart from sales. You can read more about optimizing your profile for optimal LinkedIn social selling results HERE: Social Selling on LinkedIn: Your Ultimate How-To Guide

LinkedIn Social Selling Example Two: Prioritize Your Customers Interests to Get Their Attention

When was the last time you went out of your way to respond to a sales call or email? Doesn’t happen often, does it? When we approach LinkedIn social selling as a method of sales, the priority must always be to build relationships. This is the only way you will be able to harness brand success.

If you want to get results, start thinking outside of the social selling box. Sometimes, it just takes an off-topic discussion to get a call scheduled.

A good example of using this as an opportunity would be asking an industry-related question that sparks a deep conversation that eventually leads to a phone call, or a sale through your LinkedIn group. Check out the message below as a great example:

kinda random


LinkedIn Social Selling Example Three: Utilizing Video for Your LinkedIn Social Selling Campaigns

If you want to clearly differentiate between yourself and your competitors, you’ll want to start branching out beyond the typical posting, reacting and commenting that every other LinkedIn social selling expert is doing.

Instead, start creating videos around your sales copy and ideals. And don’t worry, you don’t have to shoot in the dark for this one, either.

We have an example. How? Because we actually practice what we teach. 😉

LinkedIn Social Selling Example Four: The Power of Blogging

This LinkedIn social selling example isn’t exactly an unknown secret. Blogging has always been regarded as a pretty important piece of the social selling puzzle. But just in case you aren’t taking full advantage of this epic opportunity, we’re going to give y’all some pointers.

Blogging about industry-relevant news and topics that haven’t been covered in depth is one of the most powerful things you can do. It will better establish your credibility as a thought leader within your industry, as well as give you the tools you need to help your customers in a way that promotes a culture of trust and problem-solving.

As a part of our social media marketing in the south group on Facebook and LinkedIn, we regularly try to answer our customers questions through The Social Media Help Desk blogs, with corresponding videos that answer the simple questions our customers have around social media marketing and LinkedIn social selling.

LinkedIn Social Selling Example Five: Start Conversations by Asking Questions

Whether you take the opportunity to ask questions in the main feed or ask questions in PMs, starting conversations is the key to getting the ball rolling with your potential customers.

We’ve had lots of success from posting relevant questions in the main feed, as well as just sharing relevant information that has been helpful for my team, as well as myself.

For instance, I’ve very much enjoyed getting insight from my audience. I’ve been able to glean lots of information and learn about new tools from my connections on LinkedIn.

This not only means I’m able to start conversations that I can later make sales from, it means I can actually improve my own online presence and learn more in the process.

Keith interacting on LinkedIn


Remember to ask questions and get the conversations going! You never know what kind of epic information or tools you’re going to walk away with.

LinkedIn Social Selling Example Six: Prioritize Helpfulness

Discovering your followers problem spots and providing innovative solutions is still the most successful way to approach LinkedIn social selling. Every LinkedIn social selling example in the world, no matter where it comes from points to this fact time and time again.

Providing answers and solutions to your potential customers, connections and even current customers builds trust and deepens relationships in a way that ordinary selling could never do.

So in my own opinion, prioritizing helpfulness is a crucial first step to successful social selling and the proof is in the pudding. One of our awesome account managers, Trevor Ford executed this tip perfectly not too long ago with a winning LinkedIn optimization trick:

prioritizing helpfulness on social media

When in doubt, share some insight. Your audience will thank you.

LinkedIn Social Selling Example Seven: Utilizing the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Remember when we said how powerful it was to blog? The same is true of utilizing the LinkedIn publishing platform as a way to share your industry insight and information.

More than 1.7 million users are utilizing the share button on LinkedIn. Why not make some of your winning content a part of the sharing madness?

A thought leadership post on social media

Do you have any real-world, epic, successful social selling examples to share? Drop your comments down below and let’s discuss!

Lorenzo Johnson

Lorenzo Johnson is an experienced Professional Sales and Leadership Coach who has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of working with Marketing and digital platforms, in both the B2C and B2B marketplaces. Time and time again, Lorenzo has proven himself as a self-starter who works exceptionally well on teams and individually across a variety of playing fields. In addition, Lorenzo embodies skills for both B-to-Sales Management and B to C partnerships and delivers high-quality content strategy, project management, Social Media, account and project management, SEM, SEO, and PPC campaign management, making him an asset in every situation.

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