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What do you do when you see a special piece of content when you're scrolling through your social media feed? Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, get what I mean.

social media content

You save it. 

You share it. 

You show ALL of your friends. 

For the content creator, creating extraordinary work can be a magical experience in itself. But will that same piece be a magical experience for your audience? You want to share the most high quality stuff you have, the stuff that everyone is talking about, the stuff that drives the most engagement to your website.  That is what we call 'Unicorn Content.' 

unicorn content

~Unicorn Content~ is based on who your specific audience is. You first need to understand who your audience is on each of your social media platforms. Understanding your audience will help you identify your best content, but it just isn't as easy as it used to be. The rules don't always apply. Making a video a certain length video simply because "that's how long a video should be" won't bring you leads. Sometimes using emotion works best. An upbeat, happy vibe might be just what your brand needs. 

How do you spot a unicorn?

You'll know. Unicorn content is data driven and will rank high on Google. You will know it is the BEST content you have when it is constantly shared, everyone is talking about it (commenting and tagging their friends), and one of the most important things....when it is driving traffic to your website!  Driving traffic to your website means LEADS 

What do you do when you've found your unicorn?

This is the most exciting time! When you've found your unicorn.... run with it and run fast! If it works for you, IT WORKS! Reuse and repurpose your content, and spread that around each of your social media channels. You can make infographics, videos, or graphics. The options are endless with your creative drive.

content creation

Lay all of your unicorn content out for your most unique and magical experience through your long- term strategy. Start creating, and let's start trending!  ✨


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AuthorLizzie Earley

Social Media Enthusiast living in San Antonio, TX.

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