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Managing Your Social Media During the Current COVID-19 Pandemic

Individuals all over the globe are in a panic as COVID-19, (also known as the novel corona virus) grips every continent, leaving few cities unscathed.

Knowing what role you can play during a crisis situation like the current pandemic can be exceedingly difficult. Whether it's because you feel uncomfortable broaching the subject with your followers or are just fearful for what might come of your efforts, it's important to remember that the whole world is in upheaval and that it's okay to be afraid. Even if you don't feel like you know what you're doing and don't know what to say.

A voice of calm in the midst of a storm is invaluable. And today, we want to help you become that voice of calm for your audience.

Let's get started.

Pause, Review, Change, Resume.

This is something you need to jump on ASAP, and I'll explain why as we dig a little deeper into the why, what and how behind your social media content calendar.

First, pause your scheduled content. Delete anything that you spot that would definitely be inappropriate in the current situation. If you're not sure, put yourself into the position of quarantined individuals and perhaps even those personally affected by the illness. Is your content still relevant, unoffensive, perhaps even uplifting?

Remember, the goal here is to be the voice of reason in the room for you followers. If you feel as if in any way you're driving panic, confusion or anger, DO NOT POST.

It's better to post less content than lots of unrelated content that drives fear and angst.

The long and short of it: don't be tone deaf and insensitive. The reality is that your post could end up between harrowing details of what's happening in hospitals around the world, warnings to stay in smaller and smaller groups, the economic impact that COVID-19 is going to have and more. Wash your hands and post what you know is going to be a calm in the midst of a storm.

This Isn't the Time to be Focused on Making Profits

You're not that insensitive. You know you aren't. So don't be.

All over social media we're already getting a glimpse at individuals and big brands who are using the global pandemic as a perfect opportunity to make a little extra dough.🤑

Unless you want your brand to be forever associated with greediness, insensitivity and being opportunistic in the absolute worst way possible, DO NOT try to capitalize on the misfortune of the world during the current misfortune of COVID-19.

Instead, take tips from larger companies like Apple, Google and the food delivery companies, who are mostly waiving delivery fees. Apple is giving extended sick leave to their quarantined patients and Google is sharing lots of advice to keep their audience healthy and happy.

Don't Fuel the Blaze of Panic

It's easy to be terrified of what's happening right now. With thousands dying around the globe and thousands more testing positive as governments begin shuttering businesses around the largest cities and telling American's to stay home, the panic continues to mount.

Your goal as a brand needs to be, like we mentioned before, being the voice of calm amidst the chaos. Give your audience a place where they know they can rest, seek help and get valuable information about how COVID-19 is affecting your industry and how that might affect them.

Another great tip for NOT fueling the blaze of panic? Don't cut your communicating off cold turkey. It's IMPERATIVE that you stay active, engage just as often as you usually do, (in fact, ramping that up isn't a half bad idea) and continue to post regularly.

Staying empathetic through the pandemic is also huge. Though you may not personally, (maybe not even your brand) be feeling the effects of the pandemic, rest assured there are millions all around the globe that are feeling it very much. So keep this in mind when you're posting and sharing and engaging,

Remember: Stay Inside and Wash Your Hands!

If we're going to stop the spread and stop the disaster, we're going to have to make some sacrifices. Keep your loved ones safe by keeping your distance and washing your hands!

Do you have insight into some ways you can manage your social media in a way that is mindful of the current Pandemic? We want to hear your insight!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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