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Manufacturing Companies Need to Use Inbound Marketing Too


Yes, you heard that right. Even manufacturing companies need to be taking advantage of the use of inbound marketing. Marketing has changed and your company needs to start changing to keep on top of the trends.

You may be wondering what inbound is. Inbound marketing involves marketing activities that bring prospects in rather than having the marketer go out and get people's attention. You gain the customer's attention and it makes your company easy to find. Here are some reasons manufacturing companies need to use inbound marketing.

1. Your prospects are online searching for the best solutions.

93% of B2B buyers use search engines to research purchase decisions. They are wanting to find out about new market developments, solutions to their specific problems, as well as other things. You need to have an online presence so they are able to find you when they are searching.

2. Your prospect faces complex problems and you offer complex products and solutions.

This leads to loads of content. By creating valuable content and engaging in social media, you are able to attract and engage prospects. From there you can turn those prospects into customers. Including images and video in your content is a great idea; people are likely to share multimedia materials on their social profiles.

3. You are able to establish authority.

With all the great content you have available, you are able to focus on making your products better and more affordable than your competitors. Someone looking for your products doesn't need to be sold on the product itself but on your product. Provide the data that proves your company to be the best option.

4. An inbound strategy is more effective than traditional outbound marketing.

Hubspot found that when using an inbound strategy you receive 200% ROI, 62% lower cost head and a 15% increase in top line revenue. Even just adding inbound on top of an already existing outbound strategy will help increase the effectiveness. 

5. You will be ahead of your competitors.

When you use inbound marketing, you have the ability to measure results. You are receiving information that other manufacturing companies are missing. And who doesn't want to be a couple steps ahead of their competition?

By improving your website with the wonderful content available to you, you are able to attract more leads and gain new information. You will learn who is visiting your site, what they are interested in buying and why they want to buy. You will more clearly understand your prospect and be able to market to them better than manufacturing companies who aren't using an inbound strategy.

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