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Messenger Marketing: Taking Advantage of the Opportunity Gap

Getting into the Messenger marketing game, or even learning to properly utilize your Messenger marketing campaigns can be tricky. You might be wondering if there’s even a possibility of high engagement rates or conversions with such a tactic, or if using Messenger is going to drive customers away from you as opposed to engaging and converting them.

The answer is that it’s all about how you approach it and having a good strategy from the outset.

If you’re ready to start fostering relationships, bringing in more leads and expanding your audience, a properly utilized Messenger marketing campaign is a great strategy.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dig in.

Make It Easy To Connect With a Human

Automated tools like bots are great. They give a personal feel to an automated process that makes finding out what a customer needs and getting their needs met ASAP a whole lot easier.

However, when it comes to your Messenger Marketing game, make it easy to connect to a human so that your customers don’t get frustrated through the process.

Your Messenger Marketing Campaign Shouldn’t Be a Standalone Strategy

Messenger Marketing wasn’t meant to be used as the one-in-a-million marketing platform. It’s most certainly not a type of social media marketing that can be successful on its own. Think of it as a microphone. It allows you to reach more people in a more personal way.

In fact, Messenger is very similar to email marketing because it feels more personal and fosters one-on-one types of conversations. This is a great tool alongside a great Inbound marketing strategy because it can help you foster conversational relationships across your social media platforms.

Don’t Forget Those CTAs

A well-placed call to action can be as wonderful as a hot slice of apple pie with ice cream on a warm Autumn evening. Or it can be more like cold, day-old pizza.

The thing about a good CTA is that it gives your audience something to do next. Whether it be clicking on a link, filling out a form, purchasing a product or checking out your service pages, it’s a great way to funnel your customers into your flywheel.

Messenger is great because it’s the perfect delivery system for CTA’s and information. You can give your audience discount codes and point them to a product, or send them information about why your service or product is a good fit for them specifically. Maybe you are mentioning a pain point and bringing them a solution.

Whatever it is, make sure your conversation throughout stays personal, informative and creative, and that you are bringing your audience relevant information and not a series of spammy messages.

The Thing About Automated Tools

Like we mentioned before, chat bots can be incredibly helpful. But they become more effective the more conversational, relevant, informative and helpful that they are.

So that brings me to my next tip.

When you’re setting your chat bot up for the first time, or even if you’re just making some general adjustments, think about how your audience might respond to certain questions.

You can also go through your interaction with previous clients and find out what questions were being asked, how you responded and just get a general feel for the direction of the conversation. This will help make your bot seem less “automated” and more intuitive and helpful for your audience.

Stay In Your Lane

“Buy my product!” isn’t really the thing people are expecting upon opening an app they regularly use to interact in a personal way with family, friends, and colleagues.

And that’s why it’s important to tread lightly when it comes to Messenger Marketing and adhere to the Messenger Marketing Code of Ethics. Which goes something like this:

Unless a customer has opted into interacting with your brand, don’t be sending messages. It feels like a violation of privacy when someone has been talking about your brand and then they open their Messenger and see your messages. If your goal is to build trust, be honest about the way you go about getting into people’s inbox.

Choose the Right Time and the Right Place Carefully mapping your customer’s entire journey, from the top of the sales funnel to the flywheel can be incredibly useful when it comes to finding the perfect time to drop them a line or two. This will also give you an opportunity to see over time what was most preferred when it came to the time and place of your messages and which approach seemed to yield the best results.

Events=Messenger Marketing Opportunities

Messenger marketing for engaging with your customers around an event is incredibly powerful. With Messenger, your audience will be able to receive informative content before the event, (things like locations, discounts, times, helpful hints, etc) during the event, (this would be things like resources, a place to take notes, etc) and after the event, (which would include things like forum links, service pages, coupon or discount codes, etc).

This allows you to be personal with a larger crowd and stay connected through the entirety of the event in a way that really resonates with your audience.

Messenger marketing isn’t the answer to all your social media marketing woes, but it’s definitely an incredibly powerful tool when utilized in a way that gives your audience a feeling of security and connection with your brand.

Have any useful Messenger marketing tips? We’d love to hear your feedback.


Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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