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Midweek Mojo and Productivity

Coffee at 2:16pm with midweek mojo running through my veins!! But where should I focus my mojo, baby?

giphy (7).gif

If you break down the word productivity, prōˌdəkˈtivədē you begin with the prefix pro- meaning “to go forth"or "put forth." So, where should you put forth your efforts to ensure you are being productive and producing your best work?


Time to learn yo’ self.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week! When planning out your week of completing deadlines, list out your goals and priorities. Now, rank them based on their importance and start planning out that schedule!


Don’t wait to do the hard tasks last!

Scenerio: You have two tasks, analyze data or brainstorm memes. Some people would rather find the perfect Pepe the Frog and put off the critical thinking for later, or vice-versa because I don’t know what you find fun. But what time is your brain at its max efficiency to create a data chart that will charm your pants off?

retirement meme

DON’T LET THE MEMES ENABLE YOU! Break your day out into hours, prioritize prioritizing and keep in consideration the demand from others. If you segment your day it is easier to stay away from multitasking, because if you multitask, you will more than likely end up with a little bit of a lot of different tasks. No one wants to eat raw eggs and oil when they were expecting a whole cake.


In case you were wondering what a day in the life for me is like, I wrote it out, and if you don’t, then do not pass go and do not collect $200.


September 20th, 2017


8:00 - It is the beginning of the day and I am as jazzed and easy, breezy beautiful as Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines. Not everyone in the office is a morning person, so I spend my chatty energy responding and sending emails. 

Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines

9:00 - Creative high. I believe this little light of mine is brightest at this time, so we have a meeting scheduled to go over new creative for clients.

10:00 - After a batch of brainstorming I spend this time prioritizing tasks for my team to complete and delegate where needed.

11:00 - CRUNCH TIME - data style. This is the point in the day where I am my most analytical, ornery and hungry. So it is best to focus my energy towards budget adjustments and checking campaign objectives.

12:00 - Today was National Pepperoni Pizza Day!! So you know what that means!!!!!!! I ate a salad.

1:00 - Voice recording. Since it is after lunch I am at peak chill to record.

2:00 - Writing this blog!!!!

3:00 - Nearing the end of the day it is time to schedule content for Sociallyin, because better to be ahead than behind. 

4:00- Running through emails again to make sure all questions were answered and all obligations were met. This brings piece of mind that I won't jump up mid-sleep because I forgot something.

5:00 - Heading out to grab drinks with butterflies at the Botanical Gardens even though it is hot as heck!!!!!!


I could go on about myself all day, but the butterflies are waiting. If you wanna chat about lighting a fire under your hiney and becoming productive, give me a ring (sapphire preferred) or send me an email to 😉


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