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Mobilegeddon, and What It Means For Your Small Business


Today Google launched their new algorithm nicknamed 'Mobilegeddon' that will boost the rankings for sites that meet their criteria for mobility, and will leave other sites in the dust. What this actually means for your business’s ranking on Google, is that if you have a mobile site you are A-OK, but if not, you better think about securing your search engine optimization quick if you wish to still be a contender on the web.

Basically what Google is trying to do is improve their mobile sector so that searching is easier on smartphones since that is how more than 60 percent of all Google searches are made. Keeping up with the trends the algorithm will specifically target phones and not your tablets, and only organic search results and will not your ads. So the change will not completely destroy your online ranking, but it will definitely make a huge dent. Based on the content your customers are searching for there is still a chance that your company will be a search result, but it is not guaranteed if your site does not support mobile. Small Businesses and even some large businesses will immediately see their mobile Internet visitors disappear. This is never good for business.


How can you prevent your site from being affected?

Well with the change Google is prioritizing the mobile websites. So the answer is if your site is not optimized for mobile, it would be smart to go ahead and make the transition so you won't be penalised. In order for your site to be mobile friendly, you will need optimized pages, text and images, and the ability to resize for different sized screens. Currently, Google is analysing the text size and space between links so that they can establish if websites meet the requirements. It is also important to remember that Google is just catering to how their users make searches, and mobility is one of the most important reasons that companies need a website.

To test your site, use the mobile- friendliness test provided by Google. Here are our results for SociallyIn’s website.mobile_test


It can be a confusing game when trying to keep up with the changes and how they affect your business, but knowing when these changes occur will put you ahead of the curve. It will be interesting to see where this will take the future of online searches, but it is a known fact that mobile optimization is crucial for your business.

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