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Pinterest Success: Anthropologie


Anthropologie is a business brand that is visibly recognizable to many millennial women because of their chic and nuevo- retro clothing and variety of funky housewares. What better way to give the 42% of the Pinterest market what they want than by putting their favorite store on display?

Anthropologie has taken full advantage of Pinterest's 'Promoted Pins' feature and allowed their customers to follow their newest trends and find cool new ways to invigorate their lives through their Pinterest posts. This has built their brand equity significantly by allowing their loyal customers to interact with their products through the internet. 

One way Anthropologie has their Pinterest social media organized is through their 'boards' what this means is they have categories of their content that is easy to navigate when looking for a specific product category.  This allows for you to pick and choose which categories you would like to follow so that Anthro doesn't become too spammy on your home timeline. 


Within these boards, you have the access to visual content that you are able to save, or repin to show other followers what you have found. For instance, here are examples from one of the outfit inspiration boards from their 'Party Style' page. 

Untitled_5     Untitled6

This is one of 59 Pinterest boards that Anthropologie has that you can navigate.

Once you have pinned a design and have decided you would like to purchase, all you have to do is follow the link that is embedded on the pin. Easy peasy. 


Pinterest also has contests to promote the discovery of new trends among home and decorating platforms for the upcoming seasons by incorporating style insight from its fans. By their #Pintowin hashtag, they were able to reach overall social media outlets to promote their campaign. Specifically what they are trying to do by these online contests is “They’re not asking the consumer to talk about the brand, they’re actually saying, ‘we want to see your creativity, because we value it” Mr. Gupta from Anthropologie said. This contest gives Anthropologie the knowledge of what their customers want, and in return the winners of the contests receive a prize. It is a strategically genius win-win situation because with a brand as recognizable as Anthro it is important to stay in the know with what their customers want. 



Anthropologie isn't the only company who has the potential to reach marketing success through Pinterest promotions. Any company who invests in the booming digital market industry can and will see successes with their sales revenue and advertising.

Apu Gupta the visual marketing CEO says that “Anthropologie knows what they stand for and who their consumer is,” he said. “They’re reiterating their values here – fun, carefree, stylish, beautiful in a really authentic way.”

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