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The All-In-One Guide to Real Estate Facebook Ads | Effective Solutions

Generating leads through real estate Facebook ads can be a crucial tool in a realtor’s toolbox. 

But what if you have no prior experience in real estate Facebook advertising orreal estate facebook marketing in general or even social media advertising? 


Just like you can’t sell a house if you have nobody to market it or sell it to, you can’t launch an advertising campaign without the knowledge and expertise needed to get the ads created, up and running. 

But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 🏡

T. O. C.

Before Real Estate Facebook Advertising…

While some of us have a hard time remembering life before social media, there are a few of us who can. 

Real estate agents were forced to rely on billboards, commercials, radio ads, flyers, phone calls, and even going door-to-door to shake hands with people in hopes that they would remember the face, logo and name, (maybe even the number, if you’re lucky) and call them when they were ready to relocate. This is the only way they could effectively sell a home.

How Real Estate Facebook Advertising Could Help You?

The days of wandering door-to-door and hearing cheesy jingles on the radio for realtors is over. Enter: real estate Facebook advertising for buyers and sellers.

Real estate Facebook advertising gives real estate agents the opportunity to capture and convert leads with minimal effort and, when done correctly, a minimum buck for their bang. It’s the ultimate in real estate marketing ideas.

With the average person spending between 30 minutes and 1 hour on social media every single day, the chances of capturing the perfect customers are higher than ever. 

The time to get in front of your ideal customer is NOW. And we’re going to help you get there. Keep reading! 🎆

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Why Real Estate Facebook Advertising?

Why Facebook? Why not TikTok? 

There’s a few reasons. 

For one, Facebook is a very visually-oriented platform, with a multitude of advertising options and ad campaigns that give you the ability to share pictures, video and creative graphics with your followers. 

With unique paid advertising layouts, copy options, targeting and more, Facebook is one of the more intensive, useful and easy-to-use platforms for advertising, which make it ideal for real estate agents looking to get into social media paid advertising for capturing potential clients.

Why we wouldn’t be AGAINST advertising a new home on TikTok, there are things you want to keep in mind, such as the crowd. 

With a LARGE portion of the crowd on TikTok being under the age of 25, we don’t see many sales coming out of that platform. (That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth experimenting with, though. After all, if you start now, you might have some pretty big fans by the time the younger crowd is ready to buy a house. 😍 But in this instance, we’d recommend organic social media marketing over social paid advertising.) 


Real Estate Facebook Advertising for Beginners

Ready to start your campaigns or take your current ones to the next level? Let’s GO!

#1 Take Advantage of Targeting Options

One of the incredible advantages to using Facebook for real estate advertising is that it comes with a plethora of targeting options. Among them: 

  • Target by Zip Code

You can use past selling history to help you with this one and get the most accurate results. Where are people ordinarily moving from when they move to the area where you need to sell? Target those zip codes and refrain from targeting to a one-mile radius. Why? Because that wouldn’t be smart and YOU are smart. 😏😉

  • Target the Age Ranges Most Likely to Buy

Because we know you’re great at what we do, we also know you’ll know best what ages you should rule out. Have fun with this one. 😂

  • Target by Income

Navigate over to Detailed Targeting > Demographics > Financial > Income and select an income based on the price of the home you’re looking to sell.

  • Target by Home Ownership Status

Go to Detailed Targeting > Demographics > Home > Home Ownership, which will give you three options: first-time home buyer, homeowners, and renters. I’m sure you know which of THESE is the best option. 😏😉

  • Target Lookalikes of Past Customers

You can get to this option by uploading a list of past customers to Facebook, and then have Facebook work it’s magic with Lookalike Audiences.

  • Target Individuals Likely to Move

You can get to this option by clicking Detailed Targeting > Behaviors > Residential profiles. 

#2 The Power of Video for Real Estate Facebook Advertising

We know. Video is an insanely intimidating approach to marketing and Facebook ads for realtors and you’re terrified of trying it. But drop all the feels and get it rolling because it’s no surprise that video marketing, 3D tours and going live on your Stories has a HUGE impact on your real estate Facebook advertising efforts. 

We did some research and found that an Australian Real Estate Group actually did an analysis of the effectiveness of video marketing for a real estate Facebook ads campaign. 

Results? The listing got 403% more inquiries than those that didn’t utilize video! 🎉

Through more research, we’ve found that:

  • Because potential customers view photos as potentially deceiving, they find video a more direct, honest approach to real estate marketing and advertising,
  • Features a more realistic “picture” of what someone can expect from the property before officially “viewing” it,
  • Showing the property AND a friendly face to build loyalty and instill trust.

Taking your video a step further will get you even better results. 

By doing a 360 degree video, you’ll be able to give customers the ability to roam around on their own, paying attention to whatever details they’re interested in and otherwise enjoy the house without the feeling of being rushed while backing up the “solid” feeling of knowing exactly what they’re getting. 

Whether you’re showing multiple properties or multiple rooms in a single property, a carousel ad can be an incredible resource for real estate agent’s looking to dig into and unleash the power of Facebook advertising for business. 

Both directions have their pros and cons, but here’s just a glance:

  • By showcasing multiple properties in a single ad, you’re opening up the possibility that one customer has the option of several properties over just one. And this means more potential sales!
  • Multiple pictures of the same property give every viewer a chance to get the most out of the ad as possible. 

#4 Ad Copy Matters

Building trust is always top of the mind when it comes to real estate Facebook advertising, because every customer wants to be SURE they’re dealing with a trusted realtor. 

After all, they’re going to be making a sizable investment in YOU and will therefore want to make sure you’re giving them the same opportunity and loyalty they’re giving to you. 

When crafting real estate Facebook advertising copy, there are a couple of vital necessities to keep in mind. Among them:

  • Provide a detailed description of the property
  • Provide details for damage, things on their way to needing a repair and other possible downsides to a purchase. Or, in other words: Be transparent! 
  • Provide a detailed list of utilities and other amenities that the property offers
  • Provide a very detailed list of pros and cons, whatever they might be. Close to a good school? Houses a pool? Near a good part of town or a park? These are all things that help to make your property more appealing and exciting. Include them!

You’ll also want to be sure that you’re including information that is relevant to the purchase of the property, but not necessarily the property itself. For instance:

  • Rental price in total and the per month expenditure, 
  • And important dates in correlation with the property or sale,
  • The location of the property.

And of course, anything else you deem particularly important. 

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#5 Prepare to Spend More and Make More in Peak Property-Buying Season

You’re a real estate professional, so you’re well aware of the fact that people spend more during particular months of the year and at particular points of their lives. 

Knowing this gives you a leg up and a chance to prepare for those times, which means you can be better equipped to handle a rush of opportunity during peak season.

A couple of ways you can prepare your social media accounts for peak season would include: 

  • Put more cash behind your ads at peak seasons and put more away during slow seasons,
  • Prepare marketing materials and the skeleton for property ads during the slow season so you can spend more time selling during the peak season,
  • Don’t give up advertising and marketing completely during peak season because THIS is the time to be lining your pockets. We get it, you’re busy. But if you want to sell, you’ve got to keep it up even when you’re busy. Can’t keep up? We can help with that. 

#6 Testimonials Are Your Friend

Being transparent, providing lots (and lots) of proof of the property’s condition and being upfront and honest are all great ways to build trust and a loyal customer base. 

However, there’s another trick you can use to bolster that trust and it’s as simple as asking past clients to give you a little kudos. 

I know, easier said than done, but at the end of the day, it’s important to provide customers with tangible evidence that no, you aren’t going to screw them over. And this is a killer way to do that. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as a testimonial could have such an incredible impact? We did, of course, but, you know...we’re the experts. We have to know. 🙄😏😉

A couple tips for incredible testimonials: 

  • Add them to your real estate Facebook advertising copy
  • Add them to your website
  • Make organic social posts out of them
  • Share them on online forums and grow your following
  • Make video content and animated graphics with them

Showing off how much other customers love working with you is a great way to drum up new business and excitement around your brand. 

#7 Creative is Everything

We’ve gone over the importance of video content and how giving customers a glance at what they’re considering is important. 

However, it goes a little deeper than that, so we’re here to dig. 🏗

What’s almost, if not more important than posting content to begin with? 

A few things, actually. And they include:

  • Keeping the content engaging
  • Keeping the content on brand
  • Keeping the content high-quality

All of these things play into creating a better content experience and strategy for increased results when it comes to your real estate Facebook advertising. 

If you can put your focus where you potential customers are most likely to be watching, you’re going to be much better off. (P.S this means your social media platforms. Get on it!)


Real Estate Facebook Advertising: The Key Elements You Need to Pay Attention to TODAY

If you’re planning on dumping a couple hundred, a couple thousand, or even several thousand dollars into your Facebook ad spend to get bigger, better results, there are several things you NEED to be paying attention to NOW. 

These things include:

  • Setting attainable goals

Not setting goals is dangerous because it means you won’t get real results. Sure, you might pick up a few lucky numbers, but it’ll be an accident. You need goals and you need them now. Just make sure they’re attainable and you’re not biting off more than you can chew.

  • Building an in-depth lead follow-up procedure

Generating leads without a follow-up system in place is stupid. Sorry to be harsh, but it is. You need to make sure you have a procedure for following up with leads PRIOR to establishing a lead generation funnel. Make it happen!

  • Targeting the right audience and DELIVERING

You’ve found your audience- now it’s time to deliver. Great content, 360 tours and creative graphics and promos can help.

  • Targeting that audience effectively with maximum ROI

Targeting but not seeing results? You’re probably in the wrong crowd. Consider who you hope to purchase: your idea customer. And then design an audience around that. By analyzing valuable data about your audience, say, when, where and what age people are when they move, you’ll know exactly who, when and where to place your ads. 

  • Choosing and sticking to a budget

Results don’t happen when you’re throwing money without keeping track of it. Set a budget and stick to it. Does it need adjusting? Adjust, but make notes. Only you can determine what kind of investment is smartest for your brand at this moment in time.

  • Being wise about where and when you’re placing ads

This goes back to targeting. It may seem tempting to put your ads everywhere, but getting clicks from uninterested parties is money down the drain. Be smart and step carefully.

  • Following proper internal ad linking procedures

Because ad copy gets shortened, make sure relevant links are near the top and that your links WORK. 

  • Analyzing results so you can make improvements

When it comes to Facebook advertising, getting scientific is of crucial importance because if you don’t analyze results, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t, which means you could be dumping good money into a bad investment or even missing a great opportunity for your brand. When in doubt, ANALYZE.

Sorry, but there are no overnight, one-size-fits all strategies that will automatically work for the brand you represent, so we can’t promise results. 

What we can promise you is that following these basic protocols mean you will find what works for you in the minimum amount of time necessary for testing and that you WILL come out on the other side knowing what will and won’t work for YOUR audience.

Real Estate Facebook Advertising: Staying on the Cutting Edge

The landscape is always changing and that makes staying on the cutting edge of technology and practices of incredible importance. 

Giving yourself the opportunity to try new things, measure the results and make adjustments can be life changing for your brand. So don’t be shy! 🙊🙈

content deck Sociallyin 2021

The Critical Elements of a Winning Real Estate Facebook Advertising Experiment

So what is the best way to approach a winning real estate Facebook advertising experiment? Here’s a couple tricks: 

  • Stick to a STRICT budget for experimentation
  • Experiment with various price points
  • Experiment with various and promos
  • Run every experiment for a minimum of two weeks. Make sure you have the budget for this beforehand. If you can, stretch it to two months for data analysis purposes. (This gives it plenty of time to gain traction.)
  • Utilize Facebook insights. It will tell you what ads have the biggest impact and best reach.
  • Find a winning blueprint for copy and images and then keep working to improve it
  • Cut out anything that isn’t working
  • Don’t compare your efforts or results with competitors. Only compare your recent ad efforts with your previous efforts. 
  • Celebrate the successes! 🎉 (This is CRITICAL!)
  • Map your Facebook advertising efforts in advance
  • Consider looking into utilizing these Facebook re-targeting examples to take your re-targeting ads over the top

Remember that no process is perfect from the beginning and can ALWAYS use improvement: so don’t get discouraged! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to start debunking the many myths and getting your questions answered? Let’s hit it.

#1 Will I be Able to Tell That My Facebook Ads are Working?

Absolutely. You’ll be able to access the back end, (the same place you go to create the ads in the first place) which will grant you access to a dashboard with in-depth information and the results of your efforts. 

So no, you don’t have to guess by the number of phone calls you’re getting. 😉

#2 Is Boosting a Post the Same Thing as an Ad? 

While it’s true that boosting a post in, in some capacity the same as an ad, it doesn’t offer NEARLY as many customization options as a legitimate Facebook ad, so if you’re hesitant to approach the Facebook paid advertising game because you’ve had limited success with boosting a post in the past, DO NOT get discouraged! They’re two very different things. 

#3 Does Facebook Advertising REALLY Work for Realtors?

Yes! Why? Because the people who you want to buy the homes and properties you’re selling are ON Facebook, just waiting to be found! All you have to do is find them and pitch your properties.

#4 How Can I Advertise Myself as a Real Estate Agent?

Creating a website, getting active on social media, building a newsletter, cold calling, implementing an automated social selling tool, all of these are tools you can use to market yourself and the properties you need to sell. And we can help you. 

#5 Is Facebook Advertising an Effective Way to Generate Buyer Leads?

Absolutely! All you need is great copy, high-quality images, graphics and video, proper targeting and an ad budget and you’re ready to start selling!

We’ve Made Getting Leads Through Facebook Advertising Easier Than Ever

You’ve got the money, we’ve got the resources, creative skills and expertise to take your real estate Facebook advertising results to the next level of incredible. Get a better ROI and let’s get in touch TODAY!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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