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What's new this week? Well, say goodbye to Snapcash and say hello to Facebook's 'Watch Party!' Let's get started with all of your updates this week in social media!! 

social media reaction


Would you be interested in only seeing stories based on your location? Instagram is thinking about it. See ⬇️⬇️



I'm not sure exactly why you would want to limit your stories reach, but it could be beneficial for brands with audiences in different countries. Just something to think about. 🤔

We may also have an Instagram age crackdown upon us. This essentially would suspend users under the age of 13 years old.

instagram age crackdown

This is an operational change that will happen on both Facebook and Instagram, since they are connected, ya know.  They will now be more proactive in doing this rather than waiting for accounts to be reported. This would 100% affect the number of users on Instagram as it has a high percentage of younger users. We'll have to see if this update works in their favor. 


Did anyone ever use Snapchat to send money? I'm strictly a Venmo kind of girl, and it seems like so is everyone else. It's time to say goodbye to Snapcash. A company spokesperson told Tech Crunch, “Yes, we’re discontinuing the Snapcash feature as of August 30, 2018"


Facebook's 'Watch Party' is finally available to groups in all regions. Months of testing have gone by since I first said anything about it. Facebook is just very pro interactive video.

Facebook said

"Once a Watch Party is started, participants can watch videos, live or recorded, and interact with one another around them in the same moment. We’ve been focused on building new ways to bring people together around video, create connections, and ignite conversations; Watch Party is the next step in bringing this vision to life."

Facebook Watch Party


You will also start seeing ads in Facebook Stories, which honestly isn't that surprising at all. That's all I have on that. 



I'm still a fan of this account, and I'm not sorry. 

tweet of the week


That's all I have this week! This week's updates aren't huge, but I think these changes will lead to even bigger changes in the upcoming months! Email me if I missed something. 

Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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