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Social Media Improvement: Automated Responses


We have stressed the important of using specific services for automated post. However, there can be pro’s and con’s to this tactic. Although it is important to pre-schedule your post, this action can also go wrong if you schedule automated replies to people. This can make your brand appear to be “robotic” and impersonal. The following is a list of pro’s and con’s for the automated responses.




There are a lot of great things about automated post, one of them being a convenience factor.  In the fast paced environment that we live in today, it can be hard to keep up with social media and always stay in the conversation.  This is where automated post can come in handy.  When you’re able to schedule a post hours, or days, in advance it frees up your time and puts you a head of schedule.  Most web operating platforms also offer assistance with post scheduling. There are also several resources that aid in this tactic as well.


Similar to the convenience aspect, automated post offer a sense of simplicity.  This action allows you to eliminate confusion and complication from your day-to-day social media activity.  It allows you to successfully post things with the click of a button, just in advance. This is a great way to free up your own time, or allow an agency to do this for you!



Although there is a huge convenience when it comes to scheduling post, there are also some downsides.  This is something that several major brands have be victim to, the scheduled post gone wrong.  When there are huge events and tragedies going on in the world, it’s important that you check your scheduled post.  Make sure that there are no conflicting posts with the events taking place. Many times it has been seen for a tragedy to strike and a post go out that will create uproar in regards to the event.  Here is an example of social media post gone wrong. 


When creating content, it is key that the content be checked for errors.  However, there are likely times when this hasn’t been thoroughly completed.  When a post is automatically scheduled, and no one really revises it, it can be subject to errors in any form. Always be sure to double, and triple check post prior to scheduling. 

Nevertheless, it’s really beneficial to understand the world of automated post.  They save you time, and sometime can save you confusion.  Although there have been times in the past when scheduled post have gone wrong, that doesn’t mean you can be the one to put a stop to that. Always try to understand how to successfully post to social media sites, or allow an agency to take care of this for you!

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