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Social Media Improvement: Your Audience


When continuing your social media endeavors, it’s important to understand when to post to what site. Also, it’s vital to know your buyer persona, and whom you’re marketing to.  This blog post is going to be all about knowing your audience, and when to meet their needs. 


Understanding Posting Times

It’s vital to understand when to post to all social networks.  There are certain hours of the day when posting to certain sites is beneficial, and there are also times when it can be pointless.  It’s all about whom you’re trying to reach, and what you’re trying to get to them. This Hubspot blog breaks down each network and how the posting times can benefit you. Also, I have highlighted a few of the main ones in the following images.  


Leveraging Buyer Personas

Everyone has a different schedule, however if you’re in the same industry chances are you have a similar schedule. Therefore, the people with parallel schedules will be active on social networks around the same times. Determining whom you’re targeting is always beneficial, not just for the post but for overall business transactions. Knowing your audience will help you establish a better knowledge of the content you should create, and the activities you should conduct on your social networks.

Tool Selection

Using tools such as HootSuite and SproutSocial can also be beneficial in understanding when to post. These tools, as many others, have an analytics page that shows the performance of each post and when it was posted. This will then help you tailor future posts by timing them appropriately.  It’s important to use these tools to your advantage, and not just stick with the times mentioned above

Focus on Customer Service and Community Management

Being available for your customers and engaging with the community is always beneficial for any business. It shows that you’re active in the market and that you care about what people are saying. Focus on not just posting content, but also responding to comments and questions from followers. This will show your audience that you’re present, engaged, and can be contacted if needed.

Follow Industry Trends

This will help you create content that is timely, accurate, and engaging. It’s also beneficial as it will show you how competitors are dealing with certain topics and how they’re using social media to their advantage.

Investing in Paid Social

Paid social media campaigns can help you reach a larger audience and target the right people. Placing ads on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter is beneficial for any business as it exposes your brand to more people and helps build relationships with them.

Obviously, knowing your audience is an effective tactic in social media improvement.  It helps you not only understand whom you’re reaching but helps you understand when to reach them.  It is vital for your social networks to run smoothly for effective inbound marketing

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