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Social Media Roundup


February Month in Review! 

It was a short month, but that doesn't mean it was short of social media updates and trends! I'm here to round up everything that changed in February, in case you read about something but in the mix of things just forgot to implement it.

Let's take a look! 

a look at social media trends


Facebook ran a test last year on a 'Dislike Button' with a downvote tool. Social Media Today states there was another test of this in early February. I am here to say that nothing has come from this rumor and don't think it ever will. 

During February, Facebook Communities Summit met. In order to continue to build a community, a few updates were announced! 

  • Helping group admins invest, engage, and manage
  • Connecting people with mentors
  • Helping people donate to nonprofits on Instagram
  • Increasing blood donors in the US
  • Simplifying messaging for Page admins
  • Respond to Instagram DM's via your Facebook page inbox! How easy! 

Facebook Mentorship

With all of the negative attention that Facebook had, they have announced a clear history tool. Via Digital Trends, “Once we roll out this update, you’ll be able to see information about the apps and websites you’ve interacted with, and you’ll be able to clear this information from your account,” Zuckerberg said in the post. “You’ll even be able to turn off having this information stored with your account.”

Not sure at what point in 2019 this is coming! 

Facebook clear history tool reaction

Now on to advertising on Facebook! There's been a few new changes! Introducing Showcase for Premium Video Advertisers

This includes the following products: 

  • In-Stream Reserve 
  • In-Stream Reserve Categories
  • Sponsorships

Click here to discover Showcase!

Watch Reaction

Just so you know: 

Facebook is making it so all campaigns (old and new) use the platform's automated campaign budget allocation system

Facebook Campaign Budget

Here's what you should know:


Instagram is here to do it's part to help. There are four new changes. Via Instagram:

What's changing: 

  • We will not allow any graphic images of self-harm, such as cutting on Instagram -- even if it would previously have been allowed as admission. We have never allowed posts that promote or encourage suicide or self harm, and will continue to remove it when reported. 
  • We will not show non-graphic, self-harm related content - such as healed scars - in search, hashtags and the explore tab, and we won't be recommending it. We are not removing this type of content from Instagram entirely, as we don't want to stigmatize or isolate people who may be in distress and posting self-harm related content as a cry for help. 
  • We want to support people in their time of need - so we are also focused on getting more resources to people posting and searching for self-harm related content and directing them towards organization that can help. 
  • We're continuing to consult with experts to find out what more we can do, this may include blurring any non-graphic self harm related content with a sensitivity screen, so that images are not immediately visible. 

What's rumored to be on the way to Insta?

Direct. Messages. On. Desktop. And I sure hope so! 


Another test that was spotted was a 'tile' on Instagram live to give your views a little bit more context on your live video. 

What else is new?

You can now add a donation sticker to your stories in an effort to help fundraisers! Give a little bit! 

excited reaction

Are you putting effort into your IGTV and not getting the results you want? Maybe it just needs a little extra exposure. Give your followers a little sneak peak and then they can tap to watch the whole video! 

IGTV in Main Feed


LinkedIn has been working on their group features for awhile now. Here's what's coming soon for LinkedIn group via Social Media Today

  • Notifications for New Group posts

  • Notifications of Group Posts Initiated by Connections

  • Highlight Relevant Conversations

LinkedIn Live. "The plan is to cover conferences, product announcements, Q&As and other events led by influencers and mentors, office hours from a big tech company, earnings calls, graduation and awards ceremonies and more."

This could be cool for conferences! 



Pinterest filed confidentially for IPO. Apparently this could make them but could also be a risk


Twitter users are down but revenue is up! You can find the 4th quarter 2018 report here

Twitter Quarter 4 Revenue


Do you want to know when new Twitter features come out and test them? You can apply to be a part of Twitter's Beta Test Group! Here is the survey! It'll be exciting how this affects the future of Twitter and it's features! 


That will wrap up February!

Stay tuned for next month for your full month wrap up! 


Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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