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Sociallyin Wrapped


One of my favorite gifts this time of year is Spotify Wrapped. Who’s with me? I am the kind of woman (an INFJ to be specific) who loves a good Buzzfeed quiz or daily horoscope. You’ve collected data on my personal interests?! Perfect. Give it to me. It’s immediate gratification for an introspective fiend.

My Spotify Year in Review got me thinking, “What if I could see more of my year wrapped up into conveniently consumable nuggets, like my credit card spending or my travel log? What about… Sociallyin Wrapped?!” And that’s how we got here, my friends. Check out our Year in Review!


We started out the year by partying with Jamie Foxx and Mark Cuban in Las Vegas at the Handl launch party -- where we ate, danced, and produced content like there was no tomorrow!

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Spring was beautiful for the squad. So many talented people joined the team!

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This summer, we experimented with studio magic. We created our first few Youtube pre-roll ads. Oh, and we went skydiving.

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In the Fall, we hosted our second annual social media marketing conference, the Southern Social Summit. Over 250 guests learned all about social media marketing from storytelling basics to how to create a successful paid advertising strategy.

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This year we partnered with clients across the globe, from Israel to Hong Kong.

Currently, we’ve got clients in 12 states and 5 countries.

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We worked with partners across various industries including the largest construction trade show and one of the largest commercial truck dealers.

We refused to let one industry define our reach.

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This year we welcomed 14 new members to the Sociallyin team. We hosted 10 meetups and our second annual social media marketing conference.

We watched both our CEO and our company receive recognition by the BBJ for their growth and impact. And we proudly accepted 6 awards including the Leading Clutch Agency Award for the 4th year in a row!

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We’ve been together since 2011, in the Magic City since 2017. And we couldn’t be more grateful for the clients, the team members, and the community with whom we’ve gotten to share this year.

Here’s to even bigger and better in 2020!

Nisha Kashyap

A social media nerd with a passion for creating art out of the ordinary, eating ice cream, and dancing like no one (or everyone on Instagram) is watching.

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