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Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to drag out our spooky witches hats, pumpkin candy baskets, and Jack-O-Lanterns. However, it’s not always quite so easy to prepare for Halloween on your social media channels. This year, we’re giving away a few tricks and treats to our audience so that you can give YOUR audience pumpkin to talk about.

Theme Your Feed for Halloween

From cobwebs for corners on your images to spooky fonts and animated features, giving your feed a theme for Halloween is an important part of engaging with your audience.

Give Your Audience a Ghost of a Time

From .Gifs to videos, creating engaging Halloween content can help your audience feel like they’re a part of the festivities. A few ideas you can include for your Halloween-themed feed might be:

Have a costume contest and use a special Halloween-themed hashtag, or let your contestants tag you on social media for some spooky fun.

If you run a food-oriented business, decorate treats or feature some Halloween-themed food on your stories, in videos, or in albums on your social media channels.

Offering scary-good deals is another wonderful way to bring Halloween fun to your social media channels.

Plan a Halloween-Themed giveaway. And whether it’s tricks-of-the-trade or treats for the season, this is sure to be a hit for your audience.

Post a Short Video Series for Halloween

Consider creating short fun-filled videos for your social media that are full of fun and scares for the season. The secret to making this strategy work is tying your business or service into the video in a way that draws the customer in and makes them want to buy your product without you having to actually sell it.

For example, if you manage an in-person store, temporarily hide Halloween-themed decorations in plain sight for your audience to spot, leaving a few out of the video and challenging your viewers to come find the other elements for a free prize or coupon.

If you are a service-oriented business, make your social media videos reflect all the fun and interesting elements of what you do, but in Halloween-style. Showcase your team’s Halloween costumes or play a little creepy Halloween music while your team tells scary ghost stories. Because come on, is there a better way to draw attention to your brand and drive engagement with your audience than spooktacular videos on your social media feed? Just make sure you keep them short and shareable so there’s no end to the fun!

Provide a Little DIY or Educational Content

Everyone loves a little DIY this time of year, and if your audience can learn something valuable through their social media, they’ll be ecstatic.

Don’t worry, coming up with things to share about your product or service is a lot easier than you think. If you’re in the food industry, make some recipe videos. Makeup? Showcase how easy it is to spruce up your costume with some of your products.

Whatever it is, just take a look at your product and get creative. Some of the most unlikely ideas can go viral overnight. And even if it doesn’t, the important thing is that you’re providing value to your audience.

This Halloween, it’s time to scare the socks off of your audience with a fun-filled feed full of tricks, treats, and spooktacular amusement!


Have any ghoul social media secrets? Let us know in the comments!


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