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Hey guys! Welcome to This Week in Social Media #25!!!!

Can you believe for 25 weeks you have been stopping by to see what's new in the social media world? I sure can't, but I am very thankful!

Anyway,  ICYMI, here's what's new this week! 



Facebook hit a home run this week with Facebook Watch gaining exclusive rights to TWENTY-FIVE MLB games. This the the MLB's first digital-only distribution. 


“This partnership with Facebook reflects the ongoing commitment of Major League Baseball and our Clubs to connect with people around the world,” said the MLB’s Tony Petitti. “It is a major creative step forward in serving our diverse, passionate community of fans, who will enjoy a uniquely interactive experience watching our games on Facebook each week.”

The first game will be broadcasted on April 4th between the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies so stay tuned! 

#SheMeansBusiness. For International Women's Day Facebook launched tools for professional women leading in their communities. This Community Finder tool connects female entrepreneurs in 23 countries. GIRL POWER! 

she means business


More sports + social media! Twitter wants to score a new deal with Major League Soccer games. 

soccer gif

Essentially, Twitter would broadcast at least 24 Major League Soccer games live. You can find the list of matches that will stream on Twitter here

You've seen all of the basic Twitter accounts that post other people's tweets as if they are their own. (Looking at you @Dory + @GirlPosts) Twitter has finally made the call this week to suspend these accounts for tweetdecking (something that is 100% against their rules.) 

Do you want that little blue check mark behind your name? It could be possible! Twitter is thinking about opening up its verification process to people like us. This will help distinguish between real people and parody accounts. It may be awhile before this happens, but you can guarantee I'll get that little blue check.  


A new program called 'Creator Boost' will provide exposure for Lens creators. Lenses can't be branded but will gain exposure from the 187 million users on Snapchat. 



I am sorry to report the rumors about Instagram going back to chronological order are in fact, false. :( I do miss scrolling through my feed knowing for sure I'm not liking a post from 3 days ago but that's just what we're working with these days.


Obama made his bracket, and UVA wasn't too pleased with the results. Happy March Madness ladies and gents! 


What was your favorite update this week? Let me know! Shoot me an email - 🤩

Lizzie Williamson

Social Media Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Coffee Connoisseur | Louisiana, USA

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