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The Art of the eBook

For marketers, content is king. It's the driving force behind any successful inbound campaign. When you have quality content that your persona(s) find interesting,useful or educational, it builds trust, trust you'll need for them to give up their contact info. One of the easiest ways to build a foundation for that trust is through offering an E-Book. So, what is the art of the Ebook?

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E-Books are digital content offers tailored to the interest of your target persona.

E Books can be the perfect conerstone to get the ball rolling on your Inbound campaign. 

Creating is simple and they're cheap to produce. With all the resources available on the internet, you can easily create quality content offers for free. 

Easily Distributed. Landing pages can easily be shared with the masses via text, email or social media. The right content and appeal can have your book spreading like wildfire.  

Easy To Read. Since E-Books are digital offerings, they can be accessed from most smart phones, tablets and computers. This type of mobilty is appealing to those who will be consuming the information. 

When crafting the perfect E Book, there are certain aspects you must always take into consideration. 


This is first for a reason. The content of your E-Book is what's most important. This is what attracts your target. That appeal helps form the  relationship you'll need to get your target into the funnel and keep him there. 


Although content is the most imporant aspect of your E Book, it doesn't mean that other areas can slack. If your offering isn't visually appealing, it instantly loses validity in the eyes of your personas. Horrible design will get you over looked everytime. 

Structure / Flow

The structure and flow of your E-Book plays a huge role in the perceived value and validity that your target sees in the offering. 


The only thing more important than the content within your offer is ensuring that that content is accurate. Providing false information hurts everybodies pockets and is a quick way to lose credibility. 

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