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The Benefits and How-To's From Executing Facebook Videos

Tired of the same ‘ole same ‘ole when it comes to Facebook marketing? So are we! 

FB_Video_BlogWith the amount of creative technology available for all of us, it is time to make a change. Yes, Facebook ads work wonders and keep your marketing efforts afloat.  However, there are also more expressive ways to implement creativity into your Facebook ads!  The following are 3 of the benefits and how-to's from executing facebook videos.


  1. Videos are a powerful medium. They create an eye-catching advertisement that is sure to gain you views.
  2. People are interested! Video interaction keeps your audience interested, which in return will help you gain clicks and shares.
  3. Videos show your creativity.  When you think of a Facebook ad, chances are you think of pictures, some of which may become redundant over time.  Let’s give your audience something to talk about!

Contiguous with the benefits above, there are many more.  Most of which are obvious to any marketer; after all, videos create a sense of interaction between you and the audience. 

Now, let’s get down to business and learn exactly how to create the perfect video for your audience!

Create.  When creating the perfect video for your strategy, your mind could wander in thousands of places searching for ideas.  However, it's important to look more closely at your target audience.  You want this video to appeal to those that you are focusing on.  Be sure to create a well-filmed video, with good quality and an acceptable length.  Most prefer videos between 30 and 90 seconds; which makes sense since most people have short attention spans when it comes to Facebook skimming.  Use your creative side and good luck in the filming of your Facebook video!


Now, you've created the perfect video for you and your brand.  Let's learn how to finally have them issued to Facebook!

Upload. You’re able to upload videos directly to Facebook.  Easy-peasy! Once you are set up in the Ads Manager on Facebook, you can start by clicking “Create an Ad”.  This will take you to a prompt screen, which looks like the image below.  From here, you should click the bottom option “Get Video Views”.Screen_Shot_2015-06-02_at_3.33.26_PM

From here, you will be directed to a different screen, which has a 4-step process.  Let's go through each of these steps

Step 1 

This step allows you to choose the account from which the ad will launch, as well as the campaign name. Be sure to choose a name that will correlate with your video.  
Step 2:
Seeing as how Facebook ads do cost money, this part is important.  Don't forget to include your currency as well as your location.
Step 3: 
This step is vital to your entire campaign.  It's time to make your target audience "Facebook official".  Take caution when doing so, because your entire ad campaign rest in the hands of your audience - in judgment if it will be successful or not.   
Step 4: 
The step you've been anxiously waiting for! This step allows you to finally upload your completed video. Once you upload your video, don't forget to insert a small blurb of text (to the left), as your caption!
Step 5:
Once all of the steps are complete, you're now ready to place your order! Do this by simply clicking the green "Place Order" button at the bottom of the screen!

Congrats! You have now successfully uploaded your very on Facebook video ad! I wish you nothing but success throughout your Facebook ventures!

Feel free to share this blog on all forms of social media, you never know when someone may find the benefits and how-to's that are offered from executing Facebook videos as useful as you (hopefully) did!

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