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THE BIG 4: What the Top 4 Social Media Outlets can do for Business


When looking to advertise through social media online, where best to start than with the four heavy hitters of the social media world. It is almost a given! We are surrounded by social media's presence in everything we engage in, from internet to television, and it can even influence the way we interact with each other face to face. So where should we start? Let us revamp your social media plan.

Then Go big or go home with the BIG 4:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

These social media outlets provide a window of opportunity to a wide variety of customers in your target market by leading them to considering your business, and then eventually becoming qualified leads for your company.


We will begin with the forever evolving, game creator:




Facebook has a customer base of millions of people that began with college students and has since reached all age brackets of different cultures throughout the world. Being built on the idea of social networking, this website has done exactly what it was intended to do. Because of this, businesses have tapped into the market of Facebook advertising reaching a significant amount of the world's population. The customer outreach can be done through generating ads, promoting FB shares, and the ability to boost posts so that your content is able to reach more people.

So where to begin when trying to post an ad? Facebook, of course, has you covered there.

The site has allocated a plethora of information on budgeting your ads, creating ads, constructing objectives, and managing who your content reaches. How wicked is that?!

Now for where this fits into boosting the sales and exposure for your business.

One example, according to a case study conducted by Webmetro, "Facebook advertising can increase revenue by 177%." To support this claim, they led an advertising campaign that showed an expansion of 377% of their fan base in just 3 months. The cherry on top is that it increased their revenue to the aforementioned 177%. This was all done by using the meticulously orchestrated guide that Facebook provided them.

With the market base of over 84% of American millennials, it is nothing to turn a blind eye to. Facebook is a no cost outlet, allows you to easily reach your target audience, and establishes/ builds brand loyalty. Almost a marketing no-brainer if you ask this girl. The goal is to always reach promising leads, and close them while satisfying the customer, and your business. So now is the time to start prospecting!

Good luck and Happy Marketing!


 How to Attract Customers on Facebook CTA

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