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The Help Desk: Which Social Media Platform for My Business?

As a business owner or a marketing manager, sometimes you’re not sure where to look and what to think when it comes to social media.

Some of the trends and most popular platforms are confusing. Perhaps you’ve tried gaining new followers by following recent trends or trying to boost engagement with videos and giveaways, but to no avail.

You may be wondering what could possibly be wrong. And perhaps even wondering if the social media platform you chose is actually not the best fit for your line of products or the services you provide.

First of all: let yourself breathe. Choosing a social media platform for your niche isn’t exactly a walk in the park. After all, there’s more than a dozen different platforms that are all doing different things, similar things and the same things, while simultaneously attracting a wide variety of businesses, individuals, public figures and brands.

Welcome to the Sociallyin Help Desk. Today, we’re going to help you explore the various social media platforms to help you narrow down the best possible option for your business. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Facebook for my Business

Ranking as #1 here because it is single-handedly the most popular social media platform to date. With billions of active users logging in every day to check their news feed, interact with their friends and favorite brands, games, and bands, this platform is definitely one of the most powerful in terms of lead generation.

Because of the diversity among users and brands, we would recommend this as a platform you will most definitely want to be present on, regardless of what you sell or provide to your customers.

Instagram for my Business

Not everything belongs on this platform. The age range is also important to keep in mind on this platform, as well as the product or service you are marketing.

Instagram opens a door of possibilities through influencers, live videos, stories and more. And even if you’re not marketing to younger generations, (maybe your target audience is 60+) being present doesn’t hurt. In fact, it can work wonders as far as getting the word out. And remember: you don’t need an aesthetically pleasing product to post to Instagram and gain a following. Culture posts, holidays, all the ways your product or service is helping people and even customer reviews are all fabulous things you can share to Instagram.

Twitter for my Business

Not a platform you necessarily have to be on, but we’d definitely recommend it. The reasoning? Millions of businesses and individuals are on Twitter. There are always conversations going, battles being fought and useless but funny banter and spats happening between brands 24/7.

Why not jump in on the fun? And to add to the delight, being on Twitter means you can proactively respond to angry Tweeters who weren’t exactly impressed with your brand from the beginning.

LinkedIn for my Business

Not every business needs to worry about this one, but if you’re a professional, or otherwise working in marketing, you should definitely check out the idea of social selling through your profile on Linkedin. After all, if your followers can look up to you as the answer when it comes to your line of work, I’d say your “working” days are over. Your very interaction could be making sales!

LinkedIn is definitely one of the more professional networks, and definitely not one you absolutely MUST be present on to make a difference or get engagement when it comes to marketing for your businesses or brand.

TikTok for my Business

The hottest new platform around, that’s for sure. But is it something worth investing in? We’re going to say DEFINITELY!

Plenty of businesses are already jumping onto the bandwagon and seeing vast opportunity come from the quick, funny and relatable videos the platform is known for. Want to check it out? One of our favorite brands killing it is Chiptole.

We have created an ULTIMATE Tiktok marketing guide if you would like some insight into navigating this hot new app. You can check it out here. ^

Do I Need a Youtube Channel?

If you have the resources and time, that’s a resounding YES! It’s not as important as some of the other platforms, but it’s still a frequently searched video marketing platform that can pave the way to bigger and better innovations for your brand if you take the time to beef up your channel and provide good, quality content.

Your Industry is the Real Deal-Breaker

At least when it comes to the right platforms.

Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok: these platforms are perfect for fashion, aesthetics, etc. If you’re more technology-oriented, platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are better options overall.

Being Present is Important!

When we boil it down, the most important thing to remember in terms of social media marketing is that just being present is HUGE. If you can be on the platforms where your audience spends the majority of their time, you can be there to answer questions, give pointers and provide insight, and perhaps most important: responding to complaints in a timely manner.

Choosing a social platform can be tricky, but when you think about it in terms of where you can provide the most help, you’ll be able to make a decision a lot easier.

Do you have insight into what channels tend to bring the most ROI for certain industries? We want to hear from YOU!

Keith Kakadia

I am a native of New Orleans, LA with a passion for social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and making new connections. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday.

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