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The Importance Of Being Mobile Optimized



Having a website that is mobile optimized is crazy important these days when it comes to having a successful online presence. Businesses are losing sales every day because online mobile shoppers are simply impatient and do not want to be inconvenienced by a slow or difficult to navigate website. It is totally harsh, but the reality. Research by mobify has concluded that 30 percent of shoppers will abandon their purchase if their shopping cart is not optimized for mobile. Well since mobile websites are so important, how come more companies are ignoring the fact that it is time to make the change? From what we can tell, they have no idea just how important they are


Making the transition to mobile if you already have a website is a simple task and can make a world’s difference to your online visitor. Let’s look at some facts shall we?  


The facts speak for themselves. If you are not currently mobile, you will soon be a minority. If you would like to check and see if your site meets the criteria for mobile you can check here to see your result. To go a step further to persuade businesses to go mobile, Google created an algorithm that is sending sites that aren't optimized down in rank. You can read more on that here.

Times are a changin’ and it would be a bummer if your business was disregarded all because of the lack of mobile optimization. Having a well-optimized site is just a part of customer satisfaction, and at its core, business is revolved around the people who promote your product. So it is now time to hop on the bandwagon and embrace mobile optimization!

Good Luck and Happy Marketing!


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