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The Inbound Media Methodology

The world of technology is changing every day. More people use smartphones, tablets, and any other smart devices than ever before. With this change in technology comes a change in the way companies attract new audiences. Media companies have had to do the most transitioning during this high-tech era since they've had to take their promotions and advertisements from mediums like print and radio ads to online mediums. The best way for them to get the most out of using an online medium is to follow the Inbound Media Methodology.

The Inbound Media Methodology is meant to create a cohesive relationship between the Audience and the Advertisers. The methodology is split up into 6 stages, where the first 3 of those stages focus on the audience and the last 3 of those stages focus on the advertiser.

So first let's focus on the audience. The first 3 steps include:

1)      Attract Strangers - Media companies don't attract traffic by writing blogs. Their editorial content makes media companies the ultimate content markets.  So this step in the methodology is all about leveraging their editorial content to attract net new traffic. This is done by creating an editorial SEO strategy (for both on-page and off-page SEO)and using social media for promotion.

2)      Convert Strangers into contact/subscribers - This step focuses on conversion through audience offers. In this step, media companies will build their contact database, create a contact timeline for each contact in the database, and serve varying CTAs dependent upon where the contact is in the contact timeline.

3)      Engage Audience - After converting the stranger into a contact or subscriber, the media company has to develop an engagement strategy for the subscribers and non-subscribers. The can use behavioral data to serve visitors and contacts with the editorial content they want to see. Showing contacts what they want to see keeps them on the site longer. The media company can use email and social media tools to bring them back to the site.

Once the audience is defined and engaged it's time to start focusing on creating a relationship between them and the advertisers. This is done by following the last 3 steps:

4)      Create content and offers to your advertisers - The best thing about using the inbound media methodology is that it gives you the opportunity to provide offer to an audience that shows an interest in the advertiser's product category. Knowing this, media companies have to be sure they understand audience behavior, then build an offer.

5)      Promote Offers - Once an offer is created for the advertiser, the media company has to promote it in a targeted fashion to contact based on their interest, actions, and behaviors. By engaging the audience, the media companies can provide an offer in a very timely manner to their audience through editorial content, on-site CTAs, social media, and email.

6)      Connect your advertiser with your audience - In this step media companies needs to create landing pages and forms to generate leads who have purchase intent for the advertiser.

The Inbound Media Methodology is a very detailed method that creates a relationship with the audience and advertisements. It is very important for media companies to adhere to this methodology since we are living in a high-tech driven society. Another topic media companies should check out is the 3 Stages of the Buyer's Journey. Using the Inbound Media Methodology and recognizing the buyer journey will help tremendously in attracting strangers and retaining subscribers. 

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